Dojo’s sights and sounds


If you are a martial artist, you know that when you enter the dojo, you feel like Experiences. There is excitement in the air, the smell of hard work and diligence, a sense of cohesiveness and belonging. When you enter what is known to everyone as the “dojo,” whispering students while practicing their martial arts or knocking them down during sparring will captivate you.

The truth is, it’s not just a dojo. It is an experience that reaches all your senses and at the same time offers you self-improvement and a chance to grow and learn. However, the dojo is not the only place where this happens.

You should experience this experience not only when you enter the dojo, but when you enter your home after a long day, or when you enter the garden in your backyard, or when you sit in your car ready to embark on a new journey or a new day.

Life offers views and sounds at every moment, some so small that you overlook them if you don’t pay attention for a moment.

Slow down your pace

As I sat outside in the summer, I listened to the chirping of birds. I saw nature and even a rare but green lush desert caused by summer monsoons. Yes, even in the desert, life with some water turns green. I could feel the warmth of the terrace on my feet. I hugged my thoughts as they disappeared and flowed in silence in the backyard.

The point is that too often we rush at the looks and sounds of life. In comparison, the dojo sometimes forces the martial artist to slow down and marry the moment. Part of the exercise is to sit in quiet reflection. As the class begins to move, you will hear ripples of sharp uniforms as bodies sway in motion as they stretch or warm up. You hear a breath of breath as the class prepares for what lies ahead. The sounds are encouraging and encouraging.


If we applied the same principles in life. If only we could notice our own breath and intentions before we do anything else. Would that change? I can’t tell you how you would feel, but I know that the conscious intentions of the day ahead make a difference in the world to me.

Stop reading this now. What is the first thing you see, feel or notice? Is it positive or strong? Or is it a negative reminder of something? Can you focus your thoughts on what is simple, powerful, or subtle? Take a moment to meditate. You may feel that a minute of silence lasts forever. At that moment, however, you can seek peace and allow it to settle over you. You may realize that things will be fine if you only take a minute.

I love the views and sounds of the dojo. He seems to be concentrating on what is important. They remove the stress of everyday life and give me the opportunity to rejuvenate. I feel empowered by the people around me, everyone is trying to be better today than they were yesterday.

That’s what I want in my life, aren’t you? The dojo is just one place where you can find your cadence or your experience. Life offers a wide range of views and sounds that inspire and motivate you. All you have to do is pay attention and enjoy the experience.




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