# 103: Tools, not rules [Video + Podcast]

Welcome to the 103rd episode of the fight for a happy life, “Tools, not rules.”

Is there a difference between clinging to a routine and being? stuck in one? Yes absolutely!

If you’ve ever felt like you missed a workout or were stressed that you missed an hour, this episode is for you … because you shouldn’t feel that way!

When exactly did your martial arts training change from joy to work? The answer is simple –the moment you started to focus on the rules instead of the goals. Once that happens, you can quickly find yourself on the path to self-destruction instead of self-improvement.

But don’t worry – I have a solution!

Join me to discuss control, responsibility, self-defense, and free will. Make sure the selected tools work for to you, not to you!

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Tools, not rules

Here is the video. If the player does not work, click on this direct link.

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David Berry

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