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As part of our Warrior Skillz Adult Adult Martial Arts and Personal Development Program, we spend some time every Wednesday night developing a variety of thinking tools to help us look at life in a more abundant way. This thinking training is a huge part of what helps our members find success in life.

Over the last eight months, we’ve worked our way up to an 8-part series called Mindsight. The series was created by Melody Johnson for her high-level coaching clients after reading the book “Mindsight” by one of our favorite authors, Daniel Siegel.

This series of lessons and activities was so effective that we decided to share it with our community. We firmly believe that changing our thinking is the first step to changing our lives.

While we have spent a whole month working on this journey, here is a brief introduction to help you get started with the changes in your life!

Let’s jump to the first lesson in the series: the battle between the imposter syndrome and your inner karma ninja.

Anti-skill 1: IMPOSTER

Have you ever secretly asked yourself, “Why are you here? What do you deserve for this career? You will be exposed! “Many people deep down believe that they do not really deserve their success or opportunity. The problem is that many of these people are usually highly motivated successful people who deserve what they have earned and more.

The reason these people tend to feel this way is because they are highly empathetic and feel bad about the misfortunes of others, so they self-reflect on their own success and feel they don’t deserve it either. Another reason is that many people often rely on professional intuition to make decisions, and this is a skill that tends to go unnoticed. Have you ever felt brilliant and received high recognition for it, but then you feel it was just luck?

It is important to note that these feelings, which are common in most adults, are sabotaged and can limit your success. You need to constantly work on Mindsight exercises to prevent this anti-skill from controlling your mind. The solution is to master Mindsight SKILLZ 1: KARMA NINJA.


Being a KARMA NINJA is a great way to counterattack and feel like a cheater. The concept is to do so many “good” things every day while working to continually improve your craft while being in tune with other people who share the same ambitions to give you more opportunities.

Following these simple tasks will help you dissolve your anti-skill to feel like a cheater.

Here are two exercises you can work on each day as you go through this lesson:

1. Increasing karma

  • Level 1 – You consciously perform one random act of kindness per day. For example, recycling, tipping, giving someone a much needed supplement, donating to a charity or cause, etc.
  • Level 2 – You consciously add one more random show of kindness daily for five days in a row.
  • Level 3 – You unknowingly perform random acts of kindness without having to think or “debate” in your mind what and when to do kindness, to the point where everything you do is always an act of kindness.

2. Raising Serendipitous Luck

  • Level 1 – 10% of your day is dedicated to improving your craft. For example: reading an inventive book, blog or podcast.
  • Level 2 – You spend time daily becoming an expert in your craft. For example: writing a blog, creating an inspirational post or video, or commenting on a post with a useful answer.
  • Level 3 – You do not wait for opportunities and use them instead. You reach people and look for ways to work together. For example: preparing for school speeches, having lunch with other successful people you can help, and reaching out to people in your field with ideas on how you can help. However, make sure you have a solid game plan. Don’t just ask for an opportunity and then have nothing solid to do. For example, I can contribute an “x” to you on this date and ask for an “x” in return.

When you keep the mind of KARMA NINJA, you will focus more on your progress and not on your limitations. This will have a huge impact on your overall success. This will also have a huge impact on your level of stress. Keep in mind that this is a skill that requires constant attention and may not be a skill that occurs naturally overnight. Develop your KARMA NINJA skills and reward yourself as you progress. One great way to reward is to simply write your progress in a diary and share the answers to this post!

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