An unrecognized advantage of martial arts for women

I knew the name would interest you.

There is none here secret criteria why women really need martial arts. We all know that self-defense and confidence building are important. Without it, women are somewhat more vulnerable than men simply because of their size or physical nature. Who can claim that an untrained woman facing a man who is 6 feet tall has any advantage? If trained, she has at least a few significant ways to defend herself.

Outside the realm of physical attack, however, women today need martial arts more than ever, because martial arts training provides more than just physical kicks and punches. It provides them with and thought and talent make better decisions in our complex world. Making the right decisions in life is … well … everything.

A woman who learns martial arts becomes a better decision maker. This is an unrecognized advantage in part because it is overshadowed by more well-known benefits such as fitness, confidence, and defense. Training also provides women with a foundation of self-importance and self-worth. Many factors contribute to a woman’s perspective on life and herself, such as upbringing, relationships and barriers, and all affect her decision-making process. Most women who practice martial arts learn to recognize that their decisions are important and that they deserve respect, opportunity, and control over their own destiny.

I was just watching a show about a young girl (a minor girl) who became the prey of a predator and was kidnapped. She was eventually found after a year, still alive, living in a house in another state against her will. These types of things still happen and probably always will. Would she feel different or would she decide differently if she practiced martial arts? It is likely that her confidence and abilities have helped her make better decisions, although of course there is no guarantee and there are exceptions to each rule. A martial arts woman might hear the instructions of her instructor in the corner of her mind reminding her that she had the power to stand up for herself and that her safety was paramount.

Although I understand that martial arts training is not safe for every scenario – it has gone wrong, but I firmly feel that women who practice martial arts for some time recognize their value and importance and are less likely to allow others to advance them. or persuade them to do what they know is not in their best interests. Martial arts training helps women prosper, not perish, because they learn the skills to face their obstacles, which improves their ability to make better decisions in life. Once they know they can overcome an obstacle, they also know that they can exercise vigilance and diligence in their lives and decisions.

Few people mention “decision making” as an output of martial arts training. However, I can confirm that since I started training martial arts and self-defense, I have made many “better” decisions in my life. I don’t go to gas stations when it’s dark. I’m really looking around. I block people on social networks who obviously don’t connect for the right reasons. I will break away from unnecessary or disruptive behavior. If possible, I maintain my social distance, not because of COVID, but because of my personal safety.

These are my personal, conscious decisions I do due to martial arts training. They are not suitable for everyone, but they are suitable for me. What decisions are right for you? They can be completely different from mine. It is important that you know what is right for you, your limits, and that you consider what you could do if you realize you are in a vulnerable situation.

In today’s world, it is difficult to navigate. Women must make important decisions at all times, which may include avoiding a specific situation, defending themselves if necessary, and defending other unwanted situations. They can be at home, at work, at school, at the gym or shopping. Each scenario requires a decision at some point.

I know your next question is, why focus only on women? Do men and children also need better decision-making skills?

Of course. However, this blog is mainly for women and women, so it focuses on martial arts training as a tool for better decision-making by women.

With that in mind, when you make ANY decision in your life, consider the possibilities and consequences, and never be influenced by anyone to do something you don’t like. Martial arts training gives you the confidence to say no when necessary, and this is one of the best decisions you can and when you make.




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