Podcast Episode 69: Toby Cowern

At the beginning of the pandemic, I spoke with survival and urban preparedness expert Toby Cowern to select his brain and share information that might be useful to you. You can listen to it again here. For this new episode, we decided to rethink our thoughts at the time and see how they stood the test of time. Then we look forward to what’s next.

The bonus episode lasts more than an hour and is available here.


Links listed in this episode (I get a small commission for purchases made through the Amazon links below that don’t cost you free):

  • Marc MacYoung’s books
  • Hardcore History Listen to them all except Supernova in the East and the Plan for Armageddon
  • Balaji Srinivasan
  • Toby’s Patreon
  • Toby’s web

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