Why you should never use keys as a tool of self-defense

Keys as a weapon

More than a million violent crimes are committed each year, including assault, sexual assault and more. It is a statistic that no one wants to be a part of, but sometimes bad luck and unfortunate circumstances have other plans.

You can’t control every situation you’re in, but you can learn how to defend yourself in the worst case scenario. Many people use their keys as a tool for self-defense in an emergency. Some classes even teach this method of self-defense.

However, using keys as a weapon can actually hurt you and be an ineffective tool of self-defense. There are much more effective ways to protect yourself from potential attackers.

If you are looking for why you should not use your keys as self-defense weapons and also how to defend yourself successfully, read on to find out more!

Keys as self-defense weapons

If you have never heard of using keys as self-defense weapons, we will first briefly explain this method. The suggested scenario is that you go to the car on an empty street or in a parking lot. Someone is watching you, or you may see them wandering around your car waiting for you.

Proponents of the key method of self-defense say that you should hold the key like a knife between your thumb and forefinger joint. You can then use it as a stabbing or chopping tool.

Other methods are the “Wolverine method”, where you insert a key between each finger, imitating the blades in the hands of the character of the same name from Marvel. You get fist keys for chopping, stabbing and punching. Something like pointed brass joints.

Ideally, this would give you enough weapons to defend yourself against the attacker.

Is it wrong to use keys as a tool of self-defense?

We appreciate the ingenuity of this MacGyver approach to self-defense; however, using the keys as a weapon can do more harm than good.

Putting joints together can take much longer than you think. It is essential to be aware of potential attacks.

Keys as a weapon

If you are busy inserting keys between the joints, you do not pay attention to your surroundings and potential threats. This creates an opportunity for the attacker to sneak up on the scattered victim.

If you get the keys in place, or if you use the key-knife method, you are still dealing with a slow weapon that is not very effective. Your keys aren’t too long, and if you’re within range where you can hit the attacker, they’re much closer than they should be.

Your attacker will most likely grab your hand to protect you from your keys. They can easily grab your hand and apply pressure that will pinch your fingers together. It is incredibly painful and can damage the tissue between your fingers.

Your attacker can then take your keys and take your car or continue the attack if you do not have a weapon, improvised or otherwise. If you are going to hit your opponent with a key hand, the keys between your fingers will open your fist and dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the blow.

Self-defense experts describe the use of your keys as an “illusion of security” because they make you feel safe, despite the fact that it offers almost no protection.

How can you protect yourself?

Many people do not want to wear a tool of self-defense because they are afraid that the attacker will take it from them and use it against them. However, the purpose of the self-defense tool is to keep the enemy away from you, so they are not close enough to take anything from you, let alone the weapon itself.

71% of women say they probably avoided the things they wanted to do because they had personal safety concerns. Wearing the tools of self-defense is an effective way to regain freedom and power, allowing you to stay safe and confident while doing the things you want to do.

Keychain tools of self-defense

If you are not ready to use pepper spray or other more serious self-defense tools, there are several keychain options that you can keep on the keys and that will be much more effective than the keys themselves.


For example, you can get a Kubotan keychain. These are small, heavy pointed items that you can hold in your hand for effective punches and poking into vulnerable areas. Their use is intuitive and designed for this type of self-defense, so it won’t hurt you during that.

Kubotan Keychain self defense tool


Another option is the Shar-key keychain, a shark-shaped tool that attaches to the keys. Put a shark around your fingers to get a plastic set of brass joints. The dorsal fin and tail fins of the shark are pointed and act as strike points.

Shar Key Keychain Keychain

You can use the shar-key to poke, chop and strike the attacker. It is discreet, efficient and will not hurt your hand when used.

While your keys alone can do more harm than good, the right self-defense tools can be effective key weapons in fighting an attacker. And they are always within reach.

Be proactive about your safety

Nobody wants to be part of an attack situation. But sometimes we end up in unfortunate circumstances and we are forced to defend ourselves. You may think you are safe if you have the keys with you, but hopefully this article will convince you that a little extra protection is needed.

A simple keychain can actually change in an assault situation. Protect yourself and carry a self-defense tool. See our range of self-defense equipment and invest in peace today!

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