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I never understood “passion” until I wrote my first article on martial arts. As I wrote the article, two passions collided, writing and martial arts. That’s when I realized that I had a passion all the time that I never embraced. It never made sense, and until then it never worked.

Frankly, publishing was a lifetime opportunity. Even bigger, the magazine’s editor told me I was a talented writer. These were the first positive words I ever heard about my martial arts writing. They were especially encouraging because this editor was strict about how he wanted to write articles, what to include, and how to organize words.

My passion has been ignited. It never occurred to me to combine my love of martial arts and writing until I read an ad in a martial arts magazine looking for “martial arts authors.” I gathered a little courage to take a chance and it worked. I found that I had talent and that moved my passion for martial arts, positivity and writing even further. After this first of many articles and at the urging of a friend, I started mine blog (yes, this blog!). In a short time, my passions moved from the shadows to the forefront of my life.

It all brings me back to you. Are you still waiting for the edge to discover your passion? He won’t fall from the sky (Yeah, I’d like that too!). Instead, you have to take a few chances and take risks outside your comfort zone, just like I did with a magazine article. From here you find new and amazing adventures, or at least a direction you know you should or shouldn’t follow.

No need to wait for someone to test your talent like I did. I could have been writing opportunities a lot earlier. I wasted a lot of valuable time failing to take credit for what I felt compelled to do. Over and over again, I pushed the creative market and thought I wasn’t good enough. That’s always a barrier, isn’t it? You compare yourself to others. You think you can’t do it. You’re wondering if you’re good enough.

I have found out and what is very important for you to know that passion has no criteria. There is no checklist that determines why, how or whether you should be excited about something. Everyone has an undiscovered passion, purpose and talent. You will learn so much about yourself when you finally discover them. This will allow you to find personal fulfillment.

Martial arts are another example of how I waited for encouragement or invitation before trying something new. Another person convinced me to enter the dojo. If it was up to me, I would be too worried that other students would accept me, or I would be afraid that I would make a mistake. I would never try.

What I learned shocked me.

I’ve learned that martial arts are perfect for “mistakes” (I came up with the word – “those who make mistakes”) like me. It was as if the door had opened wide as I approached the dojo. I had all the uncertainty and fear of learning the martial art that exists. I was a white belt, a lost soul, not believing in myself, but I was there.

Then another finding was made. I have noticed that there are students with mistakes, bad habits, hard lives, negativity and a lack of confidence like me. The discovery shocked me because I thought I was the only one.

Looking back, I recognize that this is the best starting point for any martial artist. I entered the ranks of students who were already familiar with the protocols, sections and momentum of the class. We all looked the same when we stood attentively in our sharp uniforms, except for the colors of the ribbons, which distinguished beginners from experienced ones. At that moment, we were separated by experience, but connected in almost every other way.

We were all scared. We all had dreams. We were all sad. We were all frustrated. We were all happy. We all had hope. Each and every emotion filled the dojo. I fell inside. Whether I was cheerful or depressed, I had a place.

For many, the passion is deep, pushed aside because of life, duties and commitments. My writing has been idle for a long time. Surprisingly, my passion for martial arts revived my writing. That’s how it works. One passion builds on another, from the base layer to multiple layers. Goals and dreams build on passion if you take some time to discover your gifts.

Passion does not require perfection. There is no need to document or explain it. It’s yours and yours. However, you must take the first step. Start by looking inside to find the person you always wanted to be. What do you see? Do you experience worries and fears, or do you allow passion and intention to appear?

My advice is simple because there isn’t much. Slow down for a moment. Look inside. Then choose your passion and build on it.




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