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DK YOO’s online martial arts sensation and self-proclaimed modern Bruce Lee challenged Brad Scott, a retired UFC fighter, MMA. Brad received 6 days in advance, flew away from vacation, unprepared. Anyone hoping for a KO in the 1st minute would be disappointed because DK Yoo somehow survived 18 minutes. He survived with a lot of dubious tactics, not least by constantly falling to the floor, squeezing, turning his back on the opponent and further nailing, etc.….

Brad said he didn’t want to seriously injure him, so he’d only punch his body, not his head, which allowed DK Yoo to exceed expectations and stay in combat. DK Yoo did not win, lost completely, despite or… due to various factors… perhaps the best thing to say is that he got into the ring. Was it worth watching? Not at all. Take a look and see what you think.

What’s next for DK Yoo? It is extremely unlikely that there will be a fight with Xiu Xiaodong, while there was a lot of trumpeting, especially now. He will return to exhibiting his film skills online or to a more serious match with a traditional martial artist … who knows? You are interested? His supporters probably do.

This is the BEST FIGHTING ART show in the world. No ego, just thoughtful insight. Intelligent discussion from the world of martial arts.

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