# 101: You’re the Dojo [Video + Podcast]

Welcome to the 101st episode of the fight for a happy life, “You’re the Dojo.”

A few years ago, I made a video called The world is your dojo. The message – that you can learn anywhere, from anyone and anytime – is still good. However…

Není This is not the whole story! In fact, I’d say I missed the most important thing.

In this episode, I will explain how the blockades we experienced during the Covid pandemic not only changed the world, but also changed my view of the dojo.

After all, aren’t you part of this world? So then it makes sense that you are also a dojo! The only question is –what are you dojo

Is your dojo open or closed? Quiet or noisy? Is it changing or stagnating?

Let’s talk about how to make sure our dojo is the best it can be and accept our role as a student and teacher in martial arts … and in life.

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You are the Dojo

Here is the video. If the player does not work, click on this direct link.

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David Berry

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