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How can you maintain a positive outlook in a world of strife and unrest and believe that there is still good?

Hard times seem to be surrounding you on all sides. Sometimes I listen to the news and my heart drops and misses. I wonder where we’re going. What direction is the world heading? What direction should you take? It’s so hard to understand and decide.

The only certainty is that you can always change your direction towards hope and positivity. The change of direction begins with an intimate look inward and a desire to improve your view and your impact on the world. If you really want to change something, you have this ability and responsibility.

As martial artists, the general public and the outside world see us differently than we see ourselves. They see kicks, punches, blocks, attitudes and powerful glances and assume that the fighters are fighters. The main approach of a martial artist, if he is not a warrior in the ring, is how not combat. When practicing patterns or katas, the first moves are often defensive. This is a reminder that we must never make our first move offensive, but instead defend ourselves if necessary. The perception that we are aggressive is inaccurate because we try to back off and detach ourselves, if at all possible.

I was never attacked or involved in a physical quarrel. I’m not sure what exactly I would do, but I know that if the opportunity arises, I will run or run. I do not care to defend unless provoked and justified; however, I will not hesitate to defend myself if it is my only choice.

No. Martial artists are not warriors, they are warriors with an indomitable spirit and tenacious truths. They are a positive force in a negative world.

Rarely do you hear about something amazing or gracious that is happening in the world today. The news and the media focus on informing what is negative. There is always war and controversy and experience that you cannot control. What you can do is try to follow the main path, lead by example and not resort to negativity as a first reaction.

Take a short moment and consider what is good right now. I think something will occur to me. Maybe it’s your family, your neighbor or a friend. You may be happy for someone who has achieved, excelled or won. Maybe someone smiled at you today or a stranger stopped by to help you. You read the inspirational word. Something exciting has just happened in your life. You have reached your goal. The sun came up.

None of this goodness will stop what is unjust or unfair in life, but will prevent the culmination of your own negative perspective from overshadowing everything else. Hope rises like a crest of wool to utter you.

You can’t change the world or all the bad things that are happening, but you can create the kind of change that means something to you and your surroundings.

You can change your heart.




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