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The lineage is a sensitive topic for many people. As a Wing Chun practitioner, I can tell you that when people hear that I do Wing Chun, in 99% of cases, their first question is, “What line do you study? This question was usually followed by, “Who was your Sifu?”

It’s always upset me because I don’t understand the difference. After all, when you come to my lessons, that’s it who cares about my Sifu? He is not the one who teaches you; I morning. So the only person whose skills should apply to you would be to benefit.


Well, yes and no.

We don’t live in a black and white world, friends. When it comes to the line of martial arts and their importance, there are plenty of gray areas that need to be explored. I hope to cover some of this in this post.

Anyone who tuned in last month might think this topic is useless to me. Although it may seem the same at first glance, it has a different perspective.

Maybe I should start by defining the term “lineage,” at least what it means to me.

“Lineage” and “martial arts style / system” are not interchangeable terms. Some people think so, but they are wrong.

“Martial arts style” is the overall, umbrella name for what is taught in school. For example, if you see the word “Aikido” in the school name, you will learn Aikido there.

However, you can see two Aikido schools in your area. One of them says, “Bob Clark’s Aikido.” The second says: Alan Ormsby’s Aikdio.

This means that you will learn it in the first school An explanation by Bob Clark aikido while in second school you would learn Alan Ormsby.

That’s all “lineage” means: the way a practitioner interprets art.

First, let’s dive into three reasons why No mass.

In a world where potential martial artists are flooded with opportunities, it is important to excel. Look at it this way: there are countless Tae Kwon Do schools in the area where I live.

  1. Paiovo Tae Kwon Do
  2. Pil Sun Tae Kwon Do
  3. Tae Kwon Do Brunswick Lee
  4. Adirondack Tae Kwon Do.
  5. Columbia Tae Kwon Do.

That’s what I can name from my head. If I searched “Tae Kwon Do Schools near Troy, NY” on Google, I’m sure at least 80% of the results would be for this style.

That’s why you have to excel. Why would you go to Pai’s via Brunswick Lee’s? If the school does not make this distinction, potential students could end up going to a competing school.

Oh, but the thing is: it makes one school different means that the other is not good?

To put my example back in my own style, there is someone in this area who teaches the Iping Wing Chun line. Then there is someone else who teaches the Leung Sheung line. If you saw them both doing the first form side by side, you could see that they approach art differently.

But does this difference mean that one line is wrong?

No. It just means it is differentand the prospective student must decide which one to prefer.

Sometimes there are huge organizations and / or federations behind martial arts. Whenever there is a governing body that sets the rules, things can be ugly.

Whenever you hear about one line claiming that another is not “authentic”, that is a case of politics. For example: in the world of Wing Chun, a gentleman named William Cheung named his line “Traditional Wing Chun” and claims that what his teacher (the late Ip Man) taught everyone else was diluted and useless.

Anyone who has only one analytical brain cell should immediately ask the following question: “What caused it him so strange that he was only one Did Ip Man decide to teach the ‘real’ thing? ”

That alone is enough to plant the seed of doubt that will one day blossom into a beautiful tree. This is a blatant statement and I would like more people to question it.

This overlaps with reason 2, because if the whole organization (which is made up of people) does not like the personality or attitude of a particular instructor, then it is both political. and personal. However, at the moment I am talking about one instructor after another.

Let’s say I meet another Wing Chun teacher and start talking about things other than our art. The topic of religion appears and he doesn’t like my attitude towards it. The next thing you know, he messes up on social media and says my Wing Chun is a waste and I don’t know what I’m doing.

You may think it won’t happen, but it can happen and it does. Actually, something similar happened to me. (I’m not going to go into details, but I’ll say this: what happened was that someone punched me.) People hardly believe that martial arts instructors could never behave so childishly, but it’s quite possible and I will tell you why:

All martial artists (including instructors) they are also human beings. Therefore, they are prone to exactly the same character defects as the other “Muggles”.

When I say all that, I don’t want you to think I’m 100% anti-lineage. The reason I fight so hard is that in the hands of the people, the lineage becomes a divisive thing.

Instead of being used to celebrate our differences and embrace diversity, it is used to criticize. People are so closed in their way of doing things that they think so only the way they can be done.

If you meet someone of the same style but from a different line, and show them how you do a certain technique, it does not often happen to praise you for an interesting interpretation. Instead, they say, “I thought you said you practiced the same style as me?”

When I was little, teachers and parents talked about how important it is to be yourself, how good it is, and so on. However, judging by the behavior of the rest of the world, few will appreciate this. Being a beautiful and unique snowflake is not always everything that can happen.

However, there is a reason why I feel that the pedigree is important and is huge.

You got it.

Nowadays, when there are endless streams of videos on YouTube where people give tips and ideas on how to train martial arts, some of them even go so far as to record forms, you have to know that you are getting a real deal.

Imagine that your “Master” turned out to be “Youtube Master. “You would feel like a guy giving you so much time and money. Not only, but most likely, you would learn a handful of skills that would be completely useless on the street!

Let me clarify my term: when I say “YouTube Master,” I mean someone who has never attended a single martial arts course. Instead, all they did was browse the videos on YouTube until they “learned” all the techniques and forms in style. Then they did advertising to students as if they were really successful bastards.

Of course, people can still lie when they claim to come from a certain line. However, if you were willing to make a little fun, then you could expose their scam. What I mean is that you would be rather to find that they are fake if you know their pedigree.

If you ask someone what their origins are and they don’t tell you, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re fake. However, if they refuse to answer and The things that teach you seem ineffective, so you should start researching.

For the most part, I think lineages are nonsense. They started as a good idea because they were originally intended as a way to say, “Hey, I’m different.”

Let human beings take a good idea and turn it into a bad one, because instead of respecting this diversity, people say, “Yes, you they are another … and you suck! “

Gender lines can and should be used to authenticate the instructor. They become a problem when they are used to separating and dividing. Unfortunately, this is the most common reason for their use. I’m doing my part to fight in a good fight, but it may be too late for this old lover.

A new generation of martial arts instructors, read? can you hear me? do you agree with me?

Because if so, the ball is in it yours court.

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