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A visceral, bloody thriller about revenge with MASUMI and Johnathan Rhys Meyers in the style of LADY SNOWBLOOD. A masterpiece with an atmosphere that weaves a great classic story with the revenge of killer criminals. It’s a tough action for martial artists with lots of gushing blood captured by excellent cinematography, a great mix of sounds, atmospheric locations, great script, amazing acting, in a clash of honor and betrayal, cut through the mysterious, bloodthirsty Muramasa. sword. There is even a battle scene in honor of the yellow suit Bruce Lee’s Death !!!

MASUMI as AKEMI Princess Yakuza

Almost Lady Snow Blood Returns… Yakuza Princess, an inner revenge thriller about the return of a young warrior home, comes in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray, DVD and On Demand on November 16 from Magnolia Home Entertainment under the brand Magnet. Her feature debut, led by the dynamic performance of MASUMI, follows the story of an orphan named Akemi, who discovers that she is the rightful heiress of the infamous Yakuza crime syndicate.

After the young orphan learns that she is the heiress of half of one of the most famous criminal organizations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she sets out with one goal: to regain the throne that rightfully belongs to her. Accompanied by a wayward ronin with amnesia, played by Johnathan Rhyes Meyers (“Tudors”), Akemi is full of emotion and bloody action as she fights those who stand in her way. Yakuza Princess proves to be one of the best and most bloody action experiences of the year, thanks to the violent action, stunts slicing katana and the emotional trouble that drives Akemi to appropriate what is hers by all necessary means.

MASUMI / AKEMI Interview with the main actress

We found MASUMI, an excellent actress who revives the layered character of Akemi and transports her from a boring girl’s life to a sudden bloody immersion in the ultra-violent world of Yakuza, who is determined to kill her.

WoMA: As you have moved from music to acting as an established musician, are performance levels similar or significantly different? Is it another internal process to get into the character?

MASUM: Actually, I never changed, I’m still a musician, a singer and a songwriter, I just decided to go to acting classes for a few months, then I got a role in Yakuza Princess, so everything is very new to me.

WoMA: How did you get into the lead role, from a bored kiosk, a lost orphan, a girl from the city to a complete angel of revenge?

MASUMI: I usually go alone to a space in a quiet area to concentrate, and I’m usually there mentally and then I can go.

WoMA: Did any martial arts movies affect you?

MASUM: I watched an actress named Kaji Meiko, it’s Lady Snowblood. I love that movie, everything is so charming and yes, it was the one I watched the most.

WoMA: Wow, Lady Snowblood is a great, classic movie, very strong inspiration.

WoMA: What do you direct to create the intensity of your role and also make moves?

MASUM: This is a difficult question. Anything pointed to me has always been very scary, I think you would call it a phobia of anything sharp, so even when trying to pretend to cut someone with a plastic knife or whatever, I still felt uncomfortable. So I had to create a symbolic meaning for that, which was survival for me.

WoMA: Martial arts action is brutal, was it so hard to capture? How did you find the filming process?

MASUM: I didn’t know you had to take the scene over and over again. I had no idea, so for example the first day I shot it was a scene of crying, I was in front of my grandfather’s shrine and crying. It was the first thing we ever shot, and I had no idea it would be the first, and I never shot in front of people … so many people were watching, so I learned it on the go.

WoMA: What’s your martial arts background? How did you train on the fight scene?

MASUM: In fact, my husband first had to train me in the basics, my attitude and attitudes toward everything. He helped me with stunts, with swords, with martial arts, he helped me with everything.

WoMA: What was it like working and playing with Johnathan Rhys Meyers?

MASUM: It was amazing, I mean, I really got along with him. From the first day I met him, he said he would support me, and he did just that. He guided me through the scenes, taught me how to move the camera. I’m really grateful to him for having so much fun and I’d like to work with him again.

WoMA: Would you like to film a sequel? Is there anything you could add to the character in the sequel?

MASUM: Yes, I would definitely like to film a sequel. It would be fun to work with everyone and I think if we were to do a sequel, I guess it will probably be in Japan, which will be the next page of Akemi, because her Japanese page will have to come out more.

Johnathan Rhys Meyers


Set in the large Japanese community of Sao Paulo, Brazil – the largest Japanese diaspora in the world – Yakuza Princess follows Akemi (MASUMI), an orphan who discovers that she is the heiress of half of the Yakuza criminal syndicate. Akemi has formed a difficult alliance with a stranger with amnesia (Johnathan Rhys Meyers, “Elvis”), who believes that their two destinies are united by an ancient sword, and Akemi must start a war against the other half of the syndicate that wants to kill her.

Release Details
Street date: November 16, 2021
Digital availability: Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, FandangoNOW and more
Duration: 111 minutes
Rating: R

We say; It’s very good, great fun for a martial arts holiday. In the spirit of revenge LADY SNOWBLOOD. Worth to see.

PRINCESS JAKUZA: there will be blood, a lot.
On Blu-Ray, DVD and digital November 16, 2021

Princess Yakuza
Princess Yakuza

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