Back to School: How Black Belt Training Helps Kids Succeed in Class

What should parents of karate students expect when their children prepare for school?

In a word, excellence. But it is a perfection defined by the potential of each individual student. And sometimes perfection develops slowly.

What does it mean? You are asking. Will my child get right out of the gate? Karate = discipline, right? Does this mean that my child will never behave badly?

Instructors cannot promise this, although they set an example for children in a karate school, and children learn how to respect this example, how to communicate with adults and their peers in an environment that requires concentration, attention and courtesy.

There are several key reasons why.

Children are rewarded for good behavior in karate – stripes on their belts, performing new movements in front of the class, fives, etc. This reinforces the feeling that respectful behavior receives positive attention in children.

In the same vein, negative attention is given to disrespectful behavior (for example, your belt may be removed or you may fail the test).

Finally, bullying is completely off the table in karate classes; children feel like they are in a safe environment where they are led to stand up to tyrants and never bully other children.

This builds the perfection of the black belt, and the more children get into training in a martial arts school environment, the more this black belt discipline develops. It becomes part of who the children are and how they behave, both at home and in their academic school.

I hope you saw it as your children progressed toward the black belt. And if you haven’t signed up, try a free introductory lesson to get an idea of ​​how karate can prepare your child for class success.

David Berry

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