This is what to do when someone is watching you

We all had a creeping feeling that a dark alley or unknown corner might contain someone watching us. This feeling is useful and it is not always wrong to think that someone is watching you or that someone around you is threatening you.

Fortunately, most of the time, these thoughts are just defenses that our brains have built to keep us safe. However, there is a reason why these reactions occur, and that is the fact sometimes someone is really watching you.

Do you know what to do when someone is watching you? Having an action plan is much more sensible than putting these ideas aside, because the threat is rarely real.

Let’s see what you can do if you realize that someone is watching you.

What to do when someone is watching you

Cases where you identify an actual or potential threat will necessarily mean a whirlwind for you. These events occur and our bodies take control of our minds, produce adrenaline and push for a fight or escape.

Be watched

These reactions are almost automatic unless you have someone who has regular experience dealing with threatening or dangerous situations. In many cases, your reaction to a fight or escape will serve you well and help you get to safety.

However, sometimes the person watching you may have an advantage. The road to safety may not be so clear to you, and it is in these cases that an action plan can help you keep you safe.

If you have been thinking about what you will do when someone is watching you, these pre-arranged plans will be incorporated into your body’s natural reactions. Instead of running or shouting, you will have a more refined approach to getting to safety.

With this in mind, consider the following ideas as ways to get to safety.

Take a deep breath and look normal

If you have good reason to believe that someone is watching and following you, do not run or shout for help unless no one is around or has a physical advantage in your situation.

Instead, try not to let them know you’re on them. Whether you are driving and they are watching you or walking, continue as usual and pretend that you are not aware that anyone is watching you.

This will prevent the person from dealing with you prematurely, and you will have more time to calm down and think about what to do. If they don’t know you know they’re there, you have a little more time to take a few deep breaths and go back to the information you know will help you.

Take a moment to slow down and calm down, then see your environment. We tend to go through days regardless of our environment and how safe it is. So look around you, explore your options and think about the context of the situation.

Think about where the busy roads are closest, the shops that may be open, the tools you have with you that could be used for defense, or items in the area that you could use for defense.

If you drive

If you suspect that someone is watching you with their car, you have an advantage. Make a few wrong turns and even go back in a circle.

We 're watching you in the car

Sometimes you feel like a car is watching you when it’s actually going the same way as you. It is normal for you to take a wrong turn here and there, but it is quite unusual for two cars on the same route to turn two of the same wrong.

So take a few wrong turns to areas you know are inhabited. If the car doesn’t back down or turns another way, you may be right when you think they’re watching you.

In this case, go straight to the nearest police station. Don’t go home and try not to lose them. There is a chance that they know where you live or have an idea of ​​where you tend to go.

Just go straight to the police station and try to get an idea of ​​their license plate while driving. You can even call the police and let them know that they are watching you and that you are heading for them.

Tips to stay safe while walking

If someone is watching you on foot, pick up your phone immediately. Let’s talk about some of the things you can do if you don’t have a cell phone in a while, but it is safe to say that most people have their phone with them most of the time.

Grab your phone and dial 911. Most cell phones have the ability to call the authorities without having to unlock the screen. Now look at your phone and find out what is the fastest way to access an emergency number.

If you have legitimate concerns when you go alone, call 911. Many times we feel that our heart is not a good measure of how we respond to strangers. Sure, it may not be a good idea to call the emergency number every time you walk in someone on a dark street, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a phone and dial a number when you suspect something.

When your initial suspicions are investigated and it moves to the next stage of fear, call the authorities. Our inner feelings are much more accurate than we attribute to them. It is an art to break down general fears and anxieties about intuitive feelings, but when your heart is shouting at you, it is generally good to listen.

Know when you are being watched

If you remember your day, ask yourself how easy it would be to follow you.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you realize that you are a very watched person. Most people go about their day, follow the same paths and patterns, and don’t take much account of the events around them. We just get used to the routine that works for us, and we don’t stand in line for how safe we ​​are.

Know when you are being watched

The example of driving to work can be applied to this without remembering anything about transit. We go through our day without noticing things that are not relevant to us.

Your first step to being a little safer should be to try to be more interested in the environment around you. Wherever you go, just include the fact that you should feel who is around you and where you are.

Integrate this practice into your daily life and get a basic idea of ​​how things usually are. As you go through your days, you will begin to learn what your environment should be like, so it will be easier for you to know that something is wrong.

Signs to watch out for

Look for people who look at you more often than usual. In addition, be aware of cases where you see new people where you often go. Of course, wherever you go, there will always be new people, even if you visit the same cafe every day of your life.

Just notice when new individuals are around more than once or twice and if you see them in multiple places. These are signs that someone may be watching you.

In general, seeing someone in one case is just a coincidence, even if you turn out to be in a suspicious position. If you see the person again, it’s still probably a coincidence that you see him.

The Third The time you come in contact with an unusual person is a cause for concern. When your brain is running and you are trying to find out if someone is watching you, change your routine and check.

You tend to see the same people in your normal routine and there is a good chance that your potential follower will live their day the same way you do. If you still see the same person in your favorite cafe in the morning, try heading to another store or gas station for a few days.

If that person walks in on you and it’s a coincidence, it’s probably not. When you are convinced that they are watching you, it is time to act.

It is safest to call the police if you feel threatened. If you are in a public place with little threat to your physical safety, you can also turn around and ask the person concerned if he or she is watching you before contacting the authorities.

In most cases, your confirmation will make them escape, giving you more time to contact the police safely.

Do you need help to stay safe?

Let’s hope you have a slightly better idea of ​​what to do when someone is watching you. However, it does not hurt to prepare a little more. We are here to help you.

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