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I have a final question, so please read on.

While martial arts have a good effect on 99% of people, it wasn’t a very good effect on me. The Florida Karate Academy was more about to chase the dragon than entry into the dragon.

I left being Student of the year in the 8th grade for five F and one C for the 10th grade certificate. I remember one of my teachers telling me: “Your attitude has really worsened since you started karate.”

The problem was simple. I knew from first grade I was going do it for the rest of my life. That was February 12, 1974.

The problem may have been simple, though I had no solution. I lost interest in school. The only teachers I cared about were worn white gis and black belt.

According to scientists, we each have about seven to eight decades on this earth. I burned six of them and I want to make sure my last couple makes sense.

When I look back, I look more period of life rather than a decade of life.

High school was torture for me. I came home every day, turned on the “stereo” and listened to the album Yessongs fully. At the end of the opus On the edge the vocal crescendo is “The seasons pass you by. I get up. I’m falling down. “ This sentence got me into high school. At least until I left in 12th grade.

Four years after I got my black belt in 1978, my instructor was killed in a plane crash while smuggling pots from Mexico. That was the end of Walt Bone’s season. (That story is inside Blood and Guts Dojo)

Two years later, both of them Joe Lewis and John Corcoran he moved in with his friend Mike Anderson and joined him as two of my closest friends and mentors. It’s been a really valuable season in my life.

in 1993 I created NAPMA. In 1996, I founded Martial Arts Professional magazine. That season creaked at the Oklahoma City courtroom, where Century sued the NAPMA for bankruptcy. I lost my business and my marriage.

I always try to turn the negative into the positive, so I ran MartialArtsTeachers.com in 2003 and has been supporting my family ever since. I also married the woman of my dreams, so I would do it all over again to get where I am now.

Enough about me, what about you We all have periods in life. Here are my questions about his season as a martial arts instructor.

  1. Are you stuck in season?
  2. Do you move forward or repeat the same year after year?
  3. Has your curriculum changed or are you in a constant loop of some traditional style?

I trained the school owner last week and said he felt he had to honor your instructor teaching style in the same way it was taught.

My question was, “Is it more important? honor your students or honor my instructor? “After a moment of silence, he replied,” I’ve never thought of it that way. “

This is a telling feature traditional martial arts instructors. The emphasis is more on preserving the past than forging the future.

It is natural flow decline to because it is natural to learn as they taught us.

However in this period after COVIDschools that thrive will have a program that targets their students than to focus on style.

I started to realize it once I contradicted myself in every class, I have decided cancel my taekwon curriculum in.

It didn’t seem right to require students to aim, hold them, and pull the other hand to the side. during the first half of the class.

Then, during the second half, when they wrestled or made a mat, I would demand that they punch and pull their hand back to their faces. It was full turnover requirements in the first half.

Once I made the change, my retention has skyrocketed. It was a huge hit and the start of a new season in my life as a very successful martial arts school owner.

Finally, I knew I had more in me, so I sold my school and launched NAPMA.

  1. So what will it be for you?
  2. Do you also feel that you have more in you?
  3. Do you think your program focuses more on students or maintaining style?

If you would like to explore it, I am at your disposal by phone. Just set it up appointment. I’m sure you’ll get some value from that.

David Berry

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