A woman’s laser sight aiming a gun at a cat to chase a friend

Other actions “Stupid has no limits”. The shooter said in the incident that he thought he had unloaded the pistol before allowing the shooter to play with it.

Police said the drunken shooter turned on the laser sight and aimed it at the floor to get the cat to chase him. According to witnesses, when the shooter aimed the pistol between the shooter’s legs, the pistol “fired”.

It turned out that the shooter had been released from prison on bail and faced nine cases of reckless security threat when he was armed and could not legally own any weapons. In addition to the shooting, the shooter now faces other charges of firearms.


– Firearms are not toys

– Drunk people must not manipulate firearms

– Firearms are not just “off”, people put their fingers on the trigger and pull for the same cause of firearms.

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David Berry

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