10 reasons to use a portable door alarm on the go

It takes thieves only about 10 seconds to get through a basic credit card lock.

If you are deep asleep or have a hotel room full of valuables, a shocking surprise could wake you up.

The fact is that you are a traveler. You can see the sights and experience the adventure. You should not be afraid to guard your room all night.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or traveling for the first time, you can prevent these accidents by using a portable door alarm suitable for backpackers.

Wherever the next flight takes you, here are 10 reasons to pack a portable security device.

1. You are an independent traveler

If you are a solo traveler, you join almost half of today’s nomad population.

It’s no secret that travel is a basic experience. The journey alone supports a level of growth that is almost impossible to express.

You have no one else to take care of, and no one prevents you from doing exactly what you want. It’s an incredibly liberating time, but sometimes it can be dangerous.

There are always a lot of people around during the day and you often come across other travelers along the way, but as night approaches, resting your eyes in a less than secure room will not always lead to a good night’s sleep. . It is good to get acquainted with the arrangements for solo travel and use your tools.

Door wedge alarm and stop

Emerging from every little sound leads to an exhausting night. Hang up a portable door alarm and sleep more comfortably knowing that if someone tries to enter, you will be notified and frightened.

2. You have valuables with you

The days when traveling with only a few pieces of clothing are long gone.

Today we have mobile devices, laptops, e-books and maybe expensive adventure equipment. It is well known that a traveler is likely to haul his most valuable possessions, if not at least a passport and a piece of money.

Bringing your valuables is uncompromising, so instead of an unguarded treasury for thieves, have an alarm system in place.

Mark the handle with an alarm to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your belongings.

3. You are visiting dangerous areas

Some of the most amazing stories and experiences come from visiting the less developed beauties of the world. These countries can be breathtaking, but traveling to them can be dangerous.

Tourist companies do an amazing job of making us feel welcome and safe, but there are also horror stories from unexpected travelers resting in an unknown culture.

Lack of locking doors or an active nightlife in your visited area can cause a disturbing environment. Crank alarms are designed to alert you when you touch a door handle and alert you to anyone who enters without knocking.

You can even pack a portable door jammer and lock the door yourself.

4. You travel with a limited budget

Whether you are traveling for work or adventure around the world, affordable travel can lead to less secure accommodation. If you have ever stayed in a cheap place, you are familiar with the lack of security and cheap locks.

You probably won’t spend a lot of time in your room on your adventure and throwing big bucks at luxury hotels is just out of the question. Like many nomads, you have embraced cheap options as a travel lifestyle.

Just because you travel cheap doesn’t mean you have to feel dangerous.

Portable door alarm

With cost-effective travel security, you can set your own door alarms on the go for hotels and sleep peacefully.

5. You do not have a local phone

If you often jump around countries, you may have settled in the world of payphones. Roaming tariffs are expensive and picking up a new sim card for a short trip around the bridging country is a nut rather than a help.

Whatever your reason, not having a phone takes a little sense of security that we’re not used to walking without. It is more difficult to check in with other fellow passengers and your whereabouts become much less passable.

Relieve pressure with safety devices such as personal safety alarms. Whether you have a phone with you or not, these devices can make it easier for you to find if you’re lost.

Combine your security with door alarms, portable locks or motion detection devices for peace and good sleep.

6. Your room has no barrier

If you’re a fan of action TV, you’ve probably seen how easily characters get through flimsy chain locks or card locks. These tricks may have value for fun, but there is no doubt that thieves have mastered the art of picking locks.

If your travel accommodation lacks a barrier, feel free to use your security tools and alarms.

Entrance alarm for your door

When you leave, you do not leave your house unlocked, so why take a risk when you are away from home. Keep your door tightly closed and your belongings to yourself.

7. You live Van Life

Van life has flooded the world of social media as one of the best ways to see the world. This increasingly popular trend is seen by more and more travelers sleeping in their vehicles on side roads, beaches and campsites around the world.

While it’s undoubtedly a great way to cover a lot of land on your travels, the ever-increasing presence of van residents has also caught the attention of thieves.

With your whole life packed in one compact little unit, these vehicles are a gold mine for thieves who want to get some treasure or even leave with everything you own.

Portable devices are quick and easy to install, even on the door of your caravan, and can prevent a devastating return to the car park.

8. Peace of mind

Embarking on a travel adventure is a daunting task. Feeling a little nervous about the trip is a completely natural experience, and while many nomads feel nerve-wracking with each trip, some travelers continue to leave their comfort zone on each trip.

Being nervous is no reason to give up your dreams of seeing the world.

There are security devices designed specifically for travelers to relieve the pressure of losing your passport, breaking into your room or pickpocketing on your adventure.

Even if you are an experienced traveler and feel quite comfortable in the world, portable alarms can give any nomad peace of mind.

The fact that it has never happened to you does not make you invincible. Theft and burglary are always possible, especially when you are seen pulling your luggage in. Get rid of stress and feel safer knowing that you have set yourself up to prevent misfortune.

9. You are a Sleepwalker

If you’re sleepwalking or your traveling companion is known to wake up in mysterious places, door alarms are a great way to keep you inside.

Sleepwalking is often a surprising experience, but going to an unknown place when you’re away from home is actually quite dangerous. Avoid the many circumstances that could ruin your vacation by installing an alarm clock that wakes you up when you or a friend is wandering on the go.

As soon as you touch the handle, the device switches off, which prevents unwanted night adventures.

10. They are easy to set up and small in packaging

Life from a backpack can actually limit the number of items that make up your list that you must have. From weight reduction to having to fit everything you need in one portable bag, you can’t sacrifice any space for unnecessary things.

Fortunately, portable alarms are small, lightweight, and easily adapted to your security needs.

For easy use, these devices are simple, just hang them on the door handle and press the switch. When it comes to safer and safer travel, it’s not much easier.

Not only are these security systems small and hassle-free, but you’ll also get them under $ 15, so even the most frugal backpackers can keep track of their room and their belongings on the go.

Choose your portable door alarm

Now that you know when to use the portable door alarm and how easy it is to use, we are sure that you will be safe on your next trip.

Do you still have questions about using these devices or do you want to increase your security measures a bit? Contact us to learn all about portable door security options and venture into the world of travel without having to worry.

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