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I evolved. No?

Eight years ago, I launched this little mission called Martial arts woman, basically the vision of one woman (me!) to change the world for the better through positivity and martial arts. I started promoting this little mission with a handful of semi-professional photos taken by a colleague from work in a blue martial arts uniform while digging. I remember the first time I posted one of those photos. I thought,

“What do people think of me? Will they think I’m showing off? Will they think I’m kicking wrong? Will they analyze my motivation? “

Sure, no one can question me for my concerns. After all, social networks are good and evil in many ways! Warriors with a keyboard will find their way into your space and have nothing nice to say. When you start something new, your self-confidence wavers. But a lesson. I found my place, my mission took root, and my evolution began with those nice blue-uniform photos.


Evolution takes time and is sometimes scary. We find solace in our current state and often we wish we could return the hands of time. Do you ever look back in time and think you have changed for the worse? Maybe you’re older, bigger or grayer. You think your evolution is not a good thing. You wished you were that skinny younger person, because hell, you looked so good back then! Looking back is an incredible creature. It will make you think it was the best time of your life, and you will never feel the same way again. Those days are gone and now you have lost the luster of who you once were. You are thinking of giving up your hopes and dreams. But why?

Today is the best day to come to terms with your destiny!


The truth is, you will never change. Your hair may change, you may gain or lose a few pounds. But you inside are stronger, bolder and bolder. Your wisdom cannot be denied. Personally, I am a mother of four. My youngest is now 18, so I no longer have children, only adults. I remember the days of their childhood and embellish my memories because motherhood is so beautiful. I was a good mother, but I am still a good mother. My role has evolved, but it is still perfect in many ways. My success just depends on how I choose to see it.


So, what about success? Over the last eight years, I’ve come a long way, from those simple photos in blue uniforms, through this blog, to becoming a podcaster and co-moderator of a live Facebook show, I’ve written three books and been interviewed with too many podcasts to mention. I’m still trying to succeed, and I absently think I’ll never make it.

I suppose even the world’s Oprah Winfrey question their own success because it is illusory. The more you reach for it, the more slippery the slope is and it turns in unknown directions. Of all the things I’ve done in the last eight years, I can’t identify a single thing that shouts, “You’re successful.” In many ways, it is the combination of all things that contributes to my passion that is my success. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of extra dollars in my pocket for all the hard work and hard work. But there are friends and followers who value my pure ways and my virtues and values. I live by my truths, and that in itself is the greatest achievement.

Take a step back and check your successes. Financial success is not the most important thing, because it does not meet even the richest people in the world. They are constantly striving for success in other areas. They overcome it to maintain their current position, and in moments of calm they are as grateful for friends and family as the rest of us. The same goes for me. I could never be Martial arts woman without the support of my family and friends who believe in me … or who at least allow me to fulfill my mission by never defending him. My evolution is a gift and recognition that I have all the time I need to realize my beautiful dreams and passions.

Do you ever listen to a song from the past and feel a touch of nostalgia for a few moments? That’s a beautiful thing. Let it penetrate, because these are moments from the past that bring you to the present. Take a look at your improvements, all the goals you’ve achieved, and how you make the world a better place. For me, eight years after I became The Martial Art Woman, I still find myself diligently typing words into a blog post in the hope that they will inspire someone else to find their own truth.


Evolution continues. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, you? We all have this wonderful moment right now to reach the stars in our own way. It doesn’t matter what people think of me anymore. Martial arts gave me confidence that catapulted me far beyond these fears right after I began my mission. Today, I realize that success for me continues to mean living the same vision. I still want to make the world a better place. That’s probably the most amazing thing about it all … knowing I’ve decided to take the path that is now being worn; a journey that awaits and welcomes my next steps.

Your development is not like mine. Yet our experiences and feelings are similar when we recognize the beauty of every moment that leads us. I’m still posting the photos kicking into the blue uniform. They represent everything about who I am and what I have done. I anticipate that they will be a pillar of my mission in the years to come. What pleases your imagination is the perfect foundation for your success.

We all need a starting point, a place to start a magical evolution that allows us to be exactly who we want to be. When you find it, you know. Then never let it be.

xoxo Andrea


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