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Author: Masúd Hayeri Khyavi

Sometimes during practice, especially martial arts, a new idea comes to mind, which one likes to try.
Once upon a time, when I was training for a while in Tehran and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu club, during training, when my opponent was trying to destroy my babysitter, I suddenly had an idea and I immediately implemented it and it worked very well. The idea was so good that one of the old students in the class asked me, “Where did you learn this technique? And when I said, “It was improvisation,” he gave me a significant look, and I don’t know what he thought of himself.

I called this technique “Set Square” and the reason for naming it is the position of the hands when performing it, which you will see in the pictures. I took these photos during the Corona period (Covid19) with my nephew “Yousef”, an interested and motivated karate student. Can you blame me for applying this technique to a teenager? In fact, during the quarantine, I did not find any other interested and prepared martial artist with whom I could safely deal with at home, even in casual clothes.

Let’s go to the technique:
Yousef grabs my collar in Figure 1 and wants to strangle his uncle for a trivial matter. As an experienced martial artist, I place my left foot next to Yousef’s groin so that he does not move forward, leaving my right leg behind his waist. While Yousef and I are trying to win the battle with my hands, with my left hand and from above I hold Yousef’s left hand on my chest and pass my right hand under his right, I take his wrist and stick to my chest. At the same time, with my left foot, I bring Yousef’s right hand closer to his body and keep him still so that he cannot carry out his eventual plan (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1
Figure 2

Well! Yousef guards my hands, so I insidiously place my right foot on the ground and in front of his left knee (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Let’s get back to your hands! With the elbow of my right hand, I bring Yousef’s left hand closer to his face and hold his wrist to his chest.
In an instant I will place the elbow of my right hand on the elbow of Yousef’s left hand and take his left wrist and create a square and push Yousef’s head through it! You may ask, is the left hand in this position? No, because the left hand helps to bend the elbow inwards and then maintain the curvature of Yousef’s hand while the right elbow slides (Figures 4 and 6)

Figure 4

After Yousef’s jaw or neck is caught in the recess of his left elbow, I lean to the right and turn Yousef’s left hand and jaw to the right with my right hand, push his left knee back with my right foot and roll Yousef to the right, using the restraining left foot (Figures 5 to 6).

Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7

Now is the last phase of this difficult battle between the old jaguar and the young jaguar. The finishing step is up to you; but I myself preferred to perform Osaekomi and control my opponents (Figure 8)

Position 8

Don’t worry about Yousef! I took care of him very carefully, as you can see in Figure 9, referring to his uncle, me.

Figure 9

Of course, others could have discovered this technique. If so, let us know where, when and in what martial arts, whether it’s BJJ or Catch Wrestling or Chuk Kheh or whatever.

Masoud Hayeri Khyavi

The author is a martial artist and academic researcher based in Iran.

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