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Martial arts are not for me

I never planned on becoming a martial artist. So before you start thinking I’m a woman determined to face the world, the truth is, I had no idea what I was getting into. It was my husband who suggested we go to the first martial arts class a year after we got married. As a child, he learned some martial arts and was still interested.

Looking back, I hated first class. It was annoying because I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know what to do. In addition, this martial arts practice violated all the rules I have ever learned about my role as a woman in society. It involved punches, punches, kicking, shouting, breaking and throwing, which is basically everything I’ve ever learned not to do.

As you can guess, I’ve mastered first class and many more. Although it was not my original idea to participate, and although I hated the first class, martial arts eventually became a personal endeavor and a great personal success for me. I found focus, strength and grace and applied it all to my daily life. It all has its secrets, and every practitioner will find his way, as if he were digging a half-exposed path in a corn maze. You know you are going in the right direction, but before you reach your destination, there are many paths and even a few wrong turns.

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Life is also like a martial arts exercise and a corn maze. Attempt is the first key to success. You can never find a way out of the maze unless you create a path for yourself and constantly choose a direction until you find the right one. You may stop at a point and ask yourself, “Where am I going?” Does this question sound like a question to you in your life? I often remember that if I had never tried martial arts, I would not be who I am today. Along the way, I made decisions that brought me to where I was. I found my way through the maze.

Life is full of twists and turns, but if you take a meaningful path, you will end up exactly where you belong. However, if you give up on the way or let your dreams and goals fade, you find yourself in the middle of a maze and ask others how to find a way out. You will cancel your mission. You are never sure if you would succeed if you just continued.

Big goals met

A few years ago, I had the big goal of getting a poem published on request. I was researching what type of card my poetry would use. Five days a week, I sent a few poems a year and a half. I knew the chances of release were slim. The website said they published only 4% of all posts. Poem after poem was rejected. Eventually, I put my pen of poetry aside for good and transferred it to other writing projects.

I believe things are happening for a reason. Good or bad, everything closes in a circle. More than two years after sending the poems and receiving the rejection of each of them, I unexpectedly received an email from the company upon request. They decided to buy two of my poems from all those years for the upcoming line of cards. I was shocked and so excited!

I’m so happy that I went for my goal, even though I didn’t know what would happen. If I didn’t, I would never have published three poems in congratulations. My goal was met even after the rejection! Acting in life is the only way to succeed or achieve your goals. It doesn’t have to be realized for a long time, but if you plant the seed for success, it will bloom one way or another. Throw away fear, rejection and criticism. Only you know what’s in your heart. The action you take today has a direct impact on your tomorrow.

My introductory martial arts lessons literally scared me! I finally realized that everyone was starting to know nothing about what they were learning. I was not alone. Even better, I was surrounded by people who wanted me to succeed. I learned that although martial arts seemed to conflict with my social upbringing, it was a natural part of me like any other act in my life.

Just try

Try something even if you don’t know what will happen. If it doesn’t make sense, you can always change direction. Life is a complex maze with alternating paths and opportunities. However, unlike the corn maze, success is not seasonal. It is not limited to a certain period of your life or a certain age. Success is about here and now.

Don’t wait for it. Create it.



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