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The Skillz Child Development Center uses certain aspects of martial arts training as a tool or tool to help children accelerate physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. That means Skillz School is a martial arts school, right?

Skillz is a relatively new concept in children’s development and education. Because it’s so new, few people know exactly what the Skillz Children’s Development Center is, what it isn’t, and how it differs from other activities, such as a traditional martial arts program, dance, or gymnastics.

In fact, whenever a conversation turns to what and how we do, leaders from other activities often say, “But we do it too!” And in many cases they are right.

A student in a good traditional martial arts program that balances martial arts and the age-specific needs of children will certainly gain benefits in all areas of their development. In fact, when it comes to activities for children, we believe that martial arts are one of the best things you can choose!

The dancer or gymnast will also develop physical skills such as balance and strength, intellectual skills such as spatial awareness, emotional skills such as resilience, and even social skills such as teamwork.

But the point is:

The child is predisposed to take developmental steps in all these areas; they are just waiting for the right opportunities. Any activity in which the child communicates with the environment or his peers will help him learn and grow.

So what makes the Skillz Child Development Center so different?

The difference is in our direction of approach.

The martial arts school teaches martial arts; The benefits of martial arts include the development of many qualities that parents hope to see in their children. But their primary purpose is to teach martial arts. And that’s a GOOD thing!

A dance school, gymnastics school or similar school will also have opportunities for children. But again, their primary purpose is to teach dance or gymnastics. Both are great activities for children who are learning to express themselves.

At Skillz, we teach a student, not a lesson. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

We believe that our main purpose and our core value is to help children transcend developmental standards through lessons and activities specifically designed to improve physical well-being, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence and the ability to function as an integral part of social life. unit.

Whatever else we do has a secondary or even tertiary meaning. If changing the lesson will benefit the child, then we will come up with a better way to teach the child instead of forcing him or her.

It starts from the first interaction during placement evaluation.

We will begin by conducting each child through a series of developmentally appropriate activities to assess each child’s strengths and challenges. We then objectively evaluate their performance to create an individualized training program.

If we now asked the children to perform the Trendelenburg test so that we could assess the tonicity of Gluteus Medius and Minimus, because we noticed some abnormalities in their gait, they would look at us confused, just long enough to remember the “gluteus.” means “ass”.

But if we found a tool that appealed to children, encouraged them to use theories of motivation that best suited their age and intellectual development, and then performed an activity that was fun and understandable, they would be more likely to get involved. .

So we use activities such as standing on one leg and throwing front kicks. It’s fun, understandable, it provides tactile feedback when it hits the pads, and it gives us a way to measure and set goals by supporting an ever-increasing number of repetitions.

We may not necessarily care about front kicks, whether they are technically perfect or effective in self-defense.

We don’t teach martial arts.

We are interested in vestibular development, the sense of proprioception of children, how many sensory inputs they desire / manage, how many steps of the command they can understand, how they act when they fail or succeed, how well they can use their language. to express themselves and how they communicate with the children around them.

We teach them how to be strong, how to process and store information, how to mark and control their emotions, how to enter leadership roles. That you also learn some martial arts is simply a bonus.

While the traditional martial arts program, dance school, football team and Skillz class can all come together at one point to help develop a child, it is only the Skillz child Development Center that approaches the development of the whole child. instead of focusing on the selected activity first.

Similarly, while most Skillz programs use martial arts as their main tool, the program also runs with other activities such as vehicle. There are schools that use parkour, gymnastics, forestry and even classroom activities such as business programs.

Regardless of the tool, however, the lesson is always approached in terms of providing an unfair developmental advantage to each child that he or she can take with him into any other activity that life has to offer.

To learn more about Skillz’s powerful children’s development program, which uses martial arts training as a means of growth, or you want your child to start at our Patchogue, click on the button below:


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Author: Michael A Evans

Michael is a 6th grade black sherpa under the guidance of his teacher Moises Aroch and has been practicing martial arts since 1985. Michael holds a degree in massage therapy from the NY College of Health Professions. He is a co-owner of 4GK Martial Arts in Patchogue, NY, and Skillz of Patchogue, a childhood development facility using martial arts and other movement modalities as a means of children’s growth and success. Michael is also a senior consultant at Skillz Worldwide

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