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When you stop unnecessarily limiting, you thrive.

There are so many different sides to who you are. If you were given a grid to fill in your favorite photos, who would you see? Sometimes you have to step back and put a collage of your life together.

what is important to you Do you see yourself the way you want to see each other? What your collage of life tells you about, how you help others, why you overcome personal barriers and whether you are who you want to be today.

I know I’ve changed over the years. Once, a quiet, unassuming woman who remained in the shadows, I broke through these barriers when I became a martial artist, and I found that I was capable of much more.

And you too.

So never give up. Stay true to the voice within you that encourages you to move forward toward success and happiness. Make changes, take risks and work tirelessly to become the person who makes the difference, big and small.

Your life collage is a beginning and only reflects where you have been. The question now is, where are you going?

Keep going, push yourself and most importantly, trust yourself.



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