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Movies !!! Myths !!! & Martial Arts!!! & Real Life B * tch EXHIBITION OF THE WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS

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Movies and martial arts go hand in hand, in fact, it could be argued that without movies, martial arts would not be as widespread as they are now. What movies influenced you and the team? What skills, if not hope, could exist in a secret temple or hidden school?

What myths did you want them to be true? Are the kicks realistic or just inventive gymnastics from legends like Bruce Lee and JCVD? Is Karate Kid the reason you started martial arts? Where are the movies going now? Have they lost the art of training assembly and mentor?

How did The RAID and Bourne franchise take screen martial arts to the next more realistic level? Has MMA replaced the classic martial arts film? How does the public find their way to martial arts when not inspired by movies?

This is the BEST FIGHTING ART show in the world. No ego, just thoughtful insight. Intelligent discussion from the world of martial arts.

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