My best tip for stretching your legs

I keep getting questions about stretching my legs. Although I’m not known for doing full splits, I’ve already made two videos on how to improve your flexibility.

The first covers PNF stretching technique, which helped me a lot in the days when I was kicking.

The second gives you some tips on how to do it flexibility training part of your daily life, which I highly recommend. But there’s one piece of advice – I’d say it’s my best advice – on how to get more out of stretching.

You can either play the video below or scroll down for transcription. Happy stretching!

My best tip for stretching your legs

Wait! Before I give you my best tip, let me ask you a question…

Why do you want to make a full split?

I mean, if you want to be in the movies, okay. If you want to impress your friends, fine. But maybe you should find less superficial friends. I just want you to know that if your goal is to take care of your body or even take care of a bad situation, you don’t have to do a complete split.

Yeah, yeah – I know. The gauges look cool. But if you only have a few hours a week to train, I’d rather see you spend that time punching things than stretching.

This means that if you insist on splitting, here is my best tip…

Stretch your mind before you stretch your body.

Stretching is as mental as it is physical. Yet I see so many people trying to stretch with a tight mind. They say-

  • “Oh! This sucks. “
  • “I’m too old for this bullshit.”
  • “My back is killing me.”
  • “It’s genetics – my whole stupid family is as stiff as a board.”
  • “Reach out, you stabbing piece of BLEEP!”

Do you see a problem? A firm mind leads to tense muscles. A negative attitude leads to negative results.

“I hate that!”

The trick to getting the most out of your section – whether static or ballistic – is to use a little love. You heard me – love. Instead of shouting at your body as if it were your enemy, try talking to him like a child.

“You’re such a good little boy.” Yes you are!”

No – not as a child. An older child, maybe 9 or 10. If you try to teach a 10-year-old child to scream, insult or tell him it’s hopeless and he can’t do it, it won’t help. You just do it damage.

You will get better results if you just tell the child what you expect and then lead them with a little patience or even humor.

Does that sound silly? Of course yes! But try it anyway.

  • “All right, buddy – ready? We’ll see if we can go a little further. “
  • “You got it, my friend.” Long and strong. “
  • “Wow! Look how hard you are today! I’ll give you a sticker.”

No. No stickers.

  • “Good job! You’re getting there. Keep going.”
  • “Bit by bit. Take your time.”
  • “Hi! That’s better than yesterday. Slap!”

Did I just lift my leg? YES, I just lifted my leg. Just remember the big idea…

You stretch further by making your mind work with your body instead of AGAINST it.

One more tip: no matter how you talk to each other when you stretch, at some point your body will always say OW. It’s alright!

Remember – that your body is actually trying the pain Help to you defend you! Your body hasn’t seen you stretch that far yet, so it will strain so you don’t hurt yourself.

So when your body says “Wow! Stop! Are you okay? Did you slip? Are you drunk?” your brain must be ready to say YES. Well, no, I’m not drunk, but YES, I’m fine and I want to continue.

These are two steps to a good stretch: tell your body what you want, and then be prepared to say it again when it asks for confirmation. When you say OW, turn it into “OOWWl right! I have this! “

Last advice – take your time.

Muscle and connective tissue development can take months or years, but you can change your posture in seconds – so focus on stretching your mind first. Happy stretching!

David Berry

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