Kung Fu girl vs angry customers

The video shows a waitress who beats two angry customers in her restaurant. Some say this video is staged, in our opinion it may be, and frankly, we’re not 100% sure about the authenticity of the content. In any case, we want to draw attention to a very interesting point shown in the video, which is the duration of the fight: the whole video lasts only 16 seconds and it is clear how much the surprise effect was a key factor in this fight, especially considering that the waitress was forced to face several opponents and they seem to be much stronger than her. In these cases, using your skills, such as speed and coordination, can be essential to ending difficult situations with minimal damage.

More opponents

Managing more opponents is not as easy as it might seem. It requires a lot of training, experience, the use of a good strategy and why not, a few lucky shots that could greatly simplify the outcome of the fight. But keep in mind that it is usually the best strategy to leave the fight with more opponents as soon as possible. In case you are forced to face more opponents, do not forget to move the fight backwards and try to face them one by one to limit their ability to surround you as much as possible. It is completely impossible to keep the current attack of 2 or more opponents.

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