Lee Milburn, Luke Caffrey and Taylor Finch join MTK Global

MTK Global announced the signatures of Lee Milburn, Luke Caffrey and Taylor Finch before their plans to become professionals.


The trio will see their career led by Johnney Roy of MTK Manchester, who has had all the success of his amateur career.

Milburn’s awards include becoming a three-time national champion and representing England. Caffrey has won 44 of his 52 amateur competitions, winning six regional championships in the process. Finch tries to continue the promising start he made as an amateur as he follows in the footsteps of his father, Alvin Finch.

It seems that every boxer in their career will take up paid positions by attacking and everyone is looking forward to the future alongside MTK Global.

Milburn said: “It’s a dream come true to sign a contract with MTK Global, who are the leaders of world boxing. I find it very surreal to be under the same banner as the biggest names in the sport, so I’m grateful and ready to make a name for myself in the world of boxing.

“My dream in boxing is to win world titles and become known as the best management company in the world. I will train Jordan Williams and fans can expect to see excitement, skillful and malicious performances from me. “

Caffrey said: “I am honored to join MTK Global and be on this platform so early in my career. I can’t wait to show the world how great I can be, and I’m extremely grateful for the team around me. With Johnney Roy as my manager, we believe we can really make some noise.

“A lot of people really enjoy my boxing style because I just adapt to the fighter in front of me and I can change from several different styles during the round. I would say that I bring with me gentleness, boxing and striking skills plus calm and effective aggression whenever I decide to reverse it. “

Finch said: “MTK Global was the only company I felt it would do to get me to the top. I boxed three years after my father was a professional boxer, and I trained at the Windermere Amateur Boxing Club with my coaches Gary Tomlinson and Greg Meschin, so now I’m excited to get started. ”

News of when Milburn, Caffrey and Finch make their professional debuts will be announced in time.


David Berry

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