Five basic points of Yang-style Tai Chi

Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan translates as “Grand Ultimate Fist”. It is a Chinese system of slow movement exercises designed to improve health, relieve stress and build strength. Research shows that Tai Chi is effective in improving dynamic balance and reducing falls in older adults. Tai Chi can also be practiced as a martial art complemented by self-defense techniques! Today, Yang-style Tai Chi is the most popular form of Tai Chi in the world.

Tai Chi provides us with a framework for correct posture and wrong movement patterns. These 5 basic points are outlined in the 10 basic principles of Yang Cheng-Fu (picture above).

The heels should be firmly seated in front of the foot in full contact with the floor. The foot should not be turned too far in or out.

The books it must be pushed into the neutral position without being tilted too far forward or backward.

The chest they should be loose and in line with the hips – not too sunken or inflated.

The shoulders it must be recessed and turned downwards. The elbows must work with the shoulders to fall.

You can use these guidelines to guide the rehabilitation of any injury. They can also help prevent future injuries and reduce chronic pain.

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David Berry

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