Medieval war horses no bigger than modern ponies

Jurchen Jin Dynasty

A traditional legend traditional in Xing Yi circles is that Yue Fei’s army successfully defeated the horses of the Jin Cavalry while they were only infantry.

This legend is often ridiculed by anyone who has experience standing near an attacking horse, and rightly so! But it depends on the size of the horse …

A recent study concluded that English medieval war horses were no larger than modern ponies.

“In films and literature, they are usually portrayed as massive, pedaling and snorting animals, but a new study states that a medieval war horse was usually a much lighter and more refined animal.

A team of archaeologists and historians who searched for the truth about the horses that carried knights into battle concluded that most of them were probably just the size of a modern pony. “

I wonder how big the horses Jin rode to battle were?

David Berry

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