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Right choice

Many people wonder why I choose positivity. Yes, it is a choice and not always easy. Like you and many others, I am prone to negative thinking and I have to pave the way for something more positive. Years ago, I easily gave up myself. Giving up seemed like a good choice when I wasn’t sure about myself or didn’t want to face a potential failure. If something didn’t work, I easily walked away and said it wasn’t the right choice for me.

Now I wonder how many of those choices were right. Instead, I accepted an infusion of negativity in my mind and subtle thoughts that made me think I wasn’t worth it.

Find your thing

There are times in life when you need to find the tools to help you become the person you want to be. Although I came across martial arts and only started because my husband wanted me to try them, a new world opened up for me. There I saw that hard work and effort really changes. After not too long, I learned the most important lesson that hiding in the shadows and the fear of failure slow me down.

Maybe martial arts aren’t your thing (though in the corner of my soul I think it should be!). The question you need to ask is, what are you talking about? What is the light at the end of your tunnel, the turning point that allows you to go forward? My advice is to find it now so that one day you won’t wake up regretting that you never tried it.

Martial arts thinking

For me, it wasn’t necessarily digging, punches, forms and sparring in martial arts that improved my thinking. Rather, it was concentration, perseverance, and confidence. These key components helped me start the journey I always wanted to go. This meant that the errors were fine if I continued. Failures have become a lesson. I have learned to deal with difficulties and, more importantly, to accept who I am and strive for who I want to be. My desire to be a writer from earlier years has appeared more than ever. My career path was clearer. My negativity was slowly fading to a more promising outlook.

My martial arts journey began in 1989, when I was just over twenty. Every time I got a new belt, I recognized the opportunities and responsibilities that existed before me. I was so nervous before each test. I thought I’d turn around on the way to the tests and go home. The fear of failure wanted to lead me, but I knew I couldn’t let it go. I pushed through and didn’t give up. One day I got a black belt.

When you wrap it all up in a few words, I decided not to give up.

Find the right tools for you

Do not give up your hopes and dreams. You have a unique vision and purpose that is unlike anyone else’s, although you may need gentle pressure to move forward. Maybe these words are what you need today to remind yourself that you don’t have to give up. Not now. Never. You may need to change your plan, try a few different things, or make a few changes here and there, but none of them should discourage you from choosing a direction. Allow yourself to be flexible. Remind yourself to choose positivity. Say the “I succeed” mantra at every opportunity you get. Find tools that suit you, such as learning martial arts, reading positive posts, finding a mentor, or writing a diary.

I believe that you will achieve the success you desire as you cultivate a more positive outlook in your life. Martial arts helps me and allows me to believe in myself. I’ve seen a lot of people change through their martial arts practice, and it will forever change their lives for the better.

Go outside

Come out today, knowing that giving up is never the right choice. If you have a goal or a dream, go after it and never leave it. When I was a kid, I thought I would change the world by writing and sharing songs. I suppose being a music star is a dream of many children. Although it didn’t work at all, I found a way to write and podcast instead. I like to think that I’m changing the world for the better in some small way. I never saw it until I learned to persevere and overcome.

Final thoughts

My last thoughts are this. Take a good look at your life right now. Are you ready to accept your present and your future? Are you ready to make the decisions you really want? Just as you choose what to have for breakfast, when to organize errands or how to spend your free time, make the following decisions:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Follow your dreams
  • Never give up

Choosing positivity and not giving up requires effort and hard work. But I know that if I can do it, so can you.




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