Wing Chun vs MMA – Xu Xiao Dong (MMA) vs Ding Hao (Wing Chun)

Xu Xiao Dong, aka Mad Dog, is back with another fight, in this video we will show you Xu Xiao Dong (MMA) vs. Ding Hao (Wing Chun). This time he challenged Ding Hao, a Wing Chun fighter.

In the video, Ding, who according to Taiwan News claims to be a descendant of the 4th generation of Yip Man. He first attacked Xu with a barrage of seemingly ineffective blows. After a few seconds, Xu throws Ding to the ground with relative ease and forces the elegantly dressed referee to order a break in action.

Xu Xiao Dong is known for challenging traditional Chinese masters in real battles. His intention seems to prove that traditional martial arts do not allow him to compete with MMA fighters. We know that the difference is in the warriors and not in the arts, by the way, he seems convinced to prove something to the martial arts community.

What do you think? Do you think that traditional martial arts are useless compared to professional MMA fighters?


David Berry

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