Quarrel over voting for Taco Tuesday

Political things first: Houston and Austin have to take seats on the city council, and these special elections are within reach.

Many Democratic supporters are rushing to the Blue team for spring.

“Historically”? Okay, anything. Kuff published the interviews of the primary campaign D so far.

With some consideration of the side issues affecting the Democrats’ prospects, Michael Li explains why the discourse on how the Donks “won” the redistribution is much lacking. Rick Casey predicts the future after the ongoing electoral fraud in 2020. A Steve Vladeck notes that the SCOTUS vaccination mandate cases are in fact about the future power of the federal authorities to regulate … anything.

Here’s something I didn’t see coming: Texas Tribune finds in this tweet TXGOP “two-way access” about standing in line.

“own libs” really the same as obstructive democracy oligarchy / plutocracy? According to the most prominent political source of the state, this is probably the case on social networks. I am sure Evan Smith and Ross Ramsey They’ve been enduring a lot of fire from Republicans in command lately, being accused of librarian bias, and so on, so it’s important that they find an angle that will allow them to calm the lunatic whenever they can.

This is my transition to ‘Republicans behaving badly’.

Luther does not understand difference between Chinese students and the Chinese government. I am charitable; he is obviously bigoted. She was thoroughly convicted – albeit by only one brave Republican – and should lose and return to hairdressing after March 1st.

Texas teachers could easily roll the November Democrat election, but they failed to unite their committee, just like any other left-wing section in Texas. I doubt that the mid-term elections with a deeply unpopular democratic president will change history.

We reached Governor Fish Lips part of this segment.

The misbehavior of the Texas Democrats cannot be ignored.

Ogg is bad news; is from the beginning. (You may not be able to view this item due to privacy settings; here’s what it applies to.)

I have too many posts about COVID – everyone who is not dead knows it’s the main story – so I’ll keep them for later. Here is the latest news on cannabis.

Climate subtitles:

And a few things of social justice.

Forrest Whitaker I ask you not to confuse Texas rock art.

Some good people died; also some bad people.

Glasstire velebil Ann Harithas, artist, curator and co-founder of the Houston Art Car Museum.

One pacifier.

David Berry

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