Our 10 most popular beef recipes in 2021

From everyday beef barbacoa to smoked beef Tomahawk Ribeye, we’ve gathered our 10 most popular recipes of 2021.

With the end of 2021 approaching, we decided to look back at our most popular and clickable recipes of the year. In 2021, our favorite recipes included comfortable meals such as recipes for heating chili and Texas classic dishes such as Smoked Texas BBQ breast. Cost-effective beef roasts were also the winner of our super easy Recipe for 500 degrees Eye of Round Roast.

Our top rated beef recipes from 2021 are so good that in 2022 you will want to prepare them all year round.

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And here are our most popular beef recipes for 2021:

500 degree round roast eye

Prepare a juicy and simple round roast with an eye according to this easy recipe.

Smoked breast

Time to set the pit on fire! This classic Texas Smoked Brisket is perfect for a game day.

Roast sirloin with herb garlic and pepper

Delicious roast Top sirloin smeared with a simple mixture of spices is perfect for every day of the week.

Everyday Beef Barbacoa

Beef barbacoa recipe that is versatile for any dinner plan.

Authentic Beef Tamales

Tamales are delicious anytime of the year. Join the tamale tradition with this authentic recipe.

Texas style chilli

Texas-style chilli is a common part of the household. This recipe is delicious on its own or in combination with crispy chips.

Smoked Tomahawk Ribeye

This tomahawk is not only impressive but also delicious. Make your smoked tomahawk ribeye at home with this easy recipe.

Package of foil for campfire and potatoes

Get a perfectly tender steak and potatoes with this simple recipe for wrapping in foil.

Texas style beef sausage with JalapeƱo cheddar

Enhance your appetizer game with these delicious beef and cheddar rolls.

Smoky Texas Chili

It’s no more Texas than this Smoky Texas Chili. A quick and easy recipe perfect for any dinner.

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