Preview Texas Tech vs Baylor

Wrestle: Texas Tech Red Raiders 11-3 (1-1) at Baylor Bears 15-0 (3-0)

Where to watch: ESPN2 (Kentucky vs Vanderbilt on ESPN. Really?)

Checkout: Baylor -12 O / U 135

The glove, which is the Big 12, is constantly rolling for the Red Raiders. After an impressive win against Kansas, the Red Raiders head to Waco, where they will face National Champs defender and currently undefeated Baylor Bears.

Baylor didn’t miss a minute at the start of the season and is solid on both sides. Texas Tech was great in defense all season, but from time to time he was uncertain in attack. I will be surprised if any of the teams in this game reach 75 points, because it is a battle of the two best defenses not only in Big 12, but in the whole nation.

The Bears have four boys who shoot over 40% of the three, and four boys who have an average of over ten points per game. The team defenses they play is what kills most teams and makes enemy attacks uncomfortable from the start.

If Tech is to win this game, he will have to avoid the turns that seem to happen all too often. Last week I said that Davion Warren needed to avoid big turns and he did it with only one in the game. The main player of the ball was Clarence Nadolny and he had 17 points with only two turns.

I think this game will come down who is able to hit big shots when the game is tight at the end of the game. We have guys who are capable, but it would be nice to return McCullar and / or Shannon in such a game against the best team in the country.

My last prediction is that Tech will go to Waco and win with a victory of 72-69.

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David Berry

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