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At least he looks good enough to win with him if the right pieces are around him.

I mean, I’m excited about his potential … he looked pretty good against some good teams with Kelly like OC, Culley like HC, bad running game, I don’t even know who TE is or what’s going on with him OL..and group WR, which some work might be useful …

It didn’t play much for him and he still performed well.

In another thread, I said I would draft QB in the first four rounds, but I probably wouldn’t. I would try to bring a tyrant or another vet as a backup. If there is a late QB that they like, they may take the guy late or udfa.

But basically Mills would be my guy at this point until he proves he isn’t. I’d probably fire Culley and try to keep Lovie even if it means promoting him to HC. But this team needs a good attack.

David Berry

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