What to do when you visit Baytown, TX.

During our last trip to the Houston area, we visited a family living in Baytown, TX, saw amazing art shows and had a good meal.

While Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States with Houston Metropolis with a population of about 2.3 million, there are many cities and towns that make up the Houston metro area, there is much to see in every city.

We have some family who live in Baytown, TX and we must experience Baytown’s Downtown Arts District and eat some local food that can only be found in Baytown.

Downtown Arts District Baytown, Texas

While Baytown is a port city with a large trade moving to and from the area, something needs to be said about the revitalization that the city is doing for its central part. The central district consists of old buildings and one main street where businesses, restaurants and squares are located. While the city is currently working to attract businesses and bring more back to the city center, and I would call it unfinished work, there are some great places to visit, such as an art installation between 2 old buildings where a store used to be located but due to construction was demolished.

This small place is the perfect place for a great painting and has murals lining each side of the walls and umbrellas covering the place where the roof of the old building used to be. The artist took the time to turn this area into a live art exhibition.

Take a look at these pictures that I managed to capture in this art installation.

This art installation is super fun and great to visit, especially if you have young children who are fascinated by art. This is something you can share with them, and even if it doesn’t look like art to begin with, it can be found anywhere.

Downtown Art District Baytown, Texas

Your local comic book shop is a fun and always fun place! While visiting Baytown, we found Nico’s Comics and picked up a few issues and books to help support local businesses. We are happy to support the locals if we can!

I always enjoy the local cuisine and in Baytown we had to try the El Toro restaurant! Super tasty food and great margaritas! After a day of fun in Houston, I was so hungry that I was only able to take pictures of my super fresh ceviche and not the margarita I drank. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out! That will not disappoint.

If you decide to visit the Houston area, Baytown will not disappoint you!

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