Are you thinking of obtaining a real estate license? Consider these facts

Mike McEwen

Guest blogger Mike McEwen is a broker for Cherokee Real Estate Company in Jacksonville, Texas. He has been working in the profession for 32 years.

If you are sure that you have enough properties necessary to try selling a property, consider these business facts.

The income that most licensees earn in rural areas is in addition to other existing income. Many licensees are retired or otherwise employed and run their real estate activities around it. Only licensees who devote 100 percent of their business efforts and have the skills listed here will do and"living" when selling real estate.

The road to a stable and higher income in the real estate business can be long and slow. It can take months or even years.

Without a college degree, you’ve already completed it, the requirements for a real estate license course can be overwhelming.

The minimum skills needed to pass the real estate exam are nowhere near preparing you for the first day at work, and a competent understanding of the subtleties and disadvantages of this profession will take years.

If you are considering obtaining a license, take the time to talk to several real estate agents. You will want to make sure that you can expect a compatible relationship.

An honest and ethical mentor is a must.

There will be opportunities that are extremely pleasing both financially and mentally.

In a small town, you quickly build a reputation – good or bad.

You will experience frequent disappointments and sometimes some great moments. Focus on those great moments.

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