A look at the official home and road adversaries of the Cowboys for 2022

The Dallas Cowboys are and should focus on the playoffs and continue to play as many matches as possible in January and February. This week, however, a list of their domestic and road rivals for the 2022-23 season was published Yippee it makes us think ahead.

The actual schedule and order of the games will not be revealed until March, but you can already begin to consider which games you might want to travel to or head to AT&T Stadium.

As always, the Cowboys will face their NFC East rivals (Eagles, Giants and soon-named Washington) once at home and once on the road. But there is some new variation in the other teams they will face next season.

Spoiler alert: next season will bring much harder opponents than this year.

Dallas had a fairly easy program this season. In addition to the infamous NFC East, which easily allowed the Cowboys to go 6-0, the Cowboys had to face an injured / COVID team full of Saints, Falcons, Panthers and Broncos – all teams that ended up losing records. That’s 10 of 17 walk-in-the-park matches (though shamefully lost to the Broncos) as well as many more matches won. Next year will not be so easy.

So let’s break it down. There are many unknown. The schedule, changes of coaches and differences in the roster will play a big role. The Cowboys themselves also have a lot of free players who may not be on the team next season.

In the meantime, let’s see which games should be a toy and which a tornado.

Official home and road rivals Cowboys for 2022, which the team should be afraid of

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (home): Tom Brady will throw football until he is 90 and until then he is always a threat. This retaliation for the close match of the 1st week will be intense.

Cincinnati Bengals (home): The Bengals have had a stellar comeback season thanks to their young stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. We expect that next year will only get better.

Indianapolis Colts (home): Carson Wentz was not the QB Indy needed him, but there are plenty of other weapons on the team. The Colts have a great coach, a star defense and an excellent RB in Jonathan Taylor.

Los Angeles Rams (away): The Rams are always a tricky NFC opponent. With an experienced QB, an excellent head coach and a great defense, they form a strong team.

Green Bay Packers (away): This is probably the scariest. Cowboys heading to the Frozen Tundra to face the likely back-to-back MVP and potential Super Bowl champions will be a big challenge. Ideally, it takes place in September… but the NFL would never help us, would it?

Tennessee Titans (outdoors): The AFC South champions may not be talked about as much as other elite teams, but they deserve credit for winning first place. Plus, healthy Derrick Henry is always a threat.

Minnesota Vikings (outdoors): He brings a lot of unknowns. New coach and potentially new QB. The Cowboys’ best hope is for Kirk Cousins ​​to stay and play in prime time so Kirk can throw it out.

Chicago Bears (home): With the new head coach and the growing Justin Fields, it could be surprisingly difficult. The two teams last clashed in 2019 and the Cowboys lost.

The official home and road rivals of the Cowboys for 2022, which the team should be happy with

Philadelphia Eagles (both): They may be NFC East’s strongest opponent, but that doesn’t mean they’re strong enough to beat the Cowboys on both turf.

Washington ** Enter name ** (both): If the new name for this team doesn’t magically change everything, you can expect two easy Ws here.

New York Giants (both): It will take much more than getting rid of Joe Judge to get this team back on track.

Houston Texans (home): The Governor’s Cup is always fun. It will be more fun for Dallas because it’s hard to imagine losing to a team that finished 4:13 in 2021.

Jacksonville Jaguars (away): The only chance the Jaguars have to win this match is if their head coach is Kellen Moore. Even then, I doubt the Jagos can handle it.

Detroit Lions (home): The Lions are always a team that is fighting. Amon-Ra St.Brown had a stellar season, but one man is not enough.

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