A traditional Pakistani Muslim ceremony full of colors and love

This Pakistani Muslim ceremony is full of SO MANY colors and love that we don’t even know where to start! From the first moment Laila and Ali were introduced through mutual friends, they knew it should be so. After an exciting design at the dock at his family’s beach house in Florida, they both began planning to make sure their big day went smoothly.

The couple got married in Lail’s house and it was nothing but stunning! They have had a traditional Pakistani Muslim ceremony since the morning. From the decor to the desserts and the food it was all amazing! After this ceremony (and a change in the outfit from which your jaw falls), the couple has now set out on their second event. Both their families and friends had dances ready for them and we can’t stop smiling at how big smiles they had while dancing! Throughout their day, their photographer, Photo by Tara Arseven he was right by their side and took pictures of all those beautiful colors and love! You can only feel good luck to these two in this! Congratulations Laile and Ali!

Their big day was so much fun that our bride had trouble choosing what her favorite memory is! If she had to choose, she said it was “an old Pakistani tradition where the bride is usually veiled. After the wedding ceremony, the veil rises so that the bride and groom are under it. They both look in the mirror to see each other for the first time. ”

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