Restaurants have gifts that Texans need for small businesses on Saturdays

November 23


Gift certificates and other restaurant gifts provide a unique opportunity to support local businesses and share a piece of Texas hospitality.

Austin, TX (November 23, 2021) – New data confirms that shoppers who fear global supply chain shortages and delivery delays can buy the gifts their loved ones want, all while supporting local restaurants struggling to recover from pandemic COVID-19. As the small business Saturday approaches fast (November 27), the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) encourages Texans to support their local restaurants by buying gift cards, dinner sets, merchandise and other unique gifts to restaurants this holiday season.

Restaurant gift vouchers are a particularly popular choice because they create flexibility and allow recipients to eat outside or order as they see fit. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association:

  • 62% of adults would like to receive a gift card in a restaurant,
  • 62% of these consumers would prefer one for their favorite restaurant,
  • 20% want to try a new place and
  • 18% want to try a place they would never choose for themselves.

Furthermore, when asked about their plans to use gift cards in restaurants, 24% of consumers surveyed said they would use them as soon as possible, 38% said they would use them in a few weeks, and another 38% said they would use them. saved. for a special occasion.

For Texans who value their local businesses, restaurant gift certificates and other gifts are the perfect choice for Small Business Saturday.

“More than 70% of restaurants are small businesses that support the local economy through jobs and tax revenue,” said Dr. Emily Williams Knight, Ed.D., President and CEO of TRA. “Even more than the fact that local restaurants have a special place in the community, because we meet here to celebrate, mourn and meet loved ones. Many of these local restaurants have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to face labor shortages and the highest 12-month rise in wholesale food prices since 1980. By supporting these resilient local businesses during the holidays, Texans can give their family and friends a meaningful gift that will not only benefit beneficiaries, but the whole community. “

To help Texans find the perfect restaurant gifts, TRA has published a list of restaurant gift card options and an annual TRA restaurant guide. The TRA will keep both sources up to date to highlight the amazing gifts local restaurants are offering this holiday season.

Purchase of gift vouchers

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The Texas Restaurant Association

The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA), founded in 1937, serves as a lawyer in Texas and an indispensable resource for the food industry. As a leading TRA trade association, it represents the state’s $ 70 billion restaurant industry, which consists of approximately 50,000 jobs and employs 1.3 million people. Together with the Texas Restaurant Foundation, an offshoot of TRA’s workforce, the Association proudly continues to protect, develop and educate the growing industry as TRA enters its 85th anniversary.

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