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Rd. 1 OT, Neal – Alabama
Rd. 2 OT / OG, Georgia- Salyer, if there’s no Kinnard, I have them as even and I want 1 of them in Rd.2

Rd.3 WR Ross, Clemson – The 15 best guys before a neck injury last year had surgery and a stretched hamstring is the only reason he’s available here.
Rd.3 Tariq Woolen, UT San Antonio – I hope to be there after Sr Bowl, Combine. A long, tall guy with a smooth cover who probably runs in 4.3’s Only played CB for 2 years. Transformed WR, great ball skills.

Rd.4 Josh Whylie TE, Cincinatti- v 6’6 245, A large, smooth-moving mover with speed that can attack seam defenses and is a huge SS target. Suddenly in a short area. A good not great blocker, but he has a frame to gain more muscle and improve in this area. Very talented and has much more room to grow.

Trade Rd. 5 using Texans 6th and San Fran 6th.

Rd.5 Robert Beal DE, Georgia- He didn’t play much due to the depth on DL in Georgia. He caught my eye against Michigan and Alabama in the playoffs. He made games when given the opportunity. It should be great for a combine harvester. Big guy with access

Rd.6 Packers pick, Kyle Phillips, UCLA- Slot WR in Renfrow form. Handy with great hands. Good KR / PR too.

Rd.7 Keontay Ingram RB USC- Played at UT before transferring to USC, played at Carthage High School, 3 under RB, which was defeated by Robinson at UT. (It’s not a shame.0 Last year I got over 1000 yd on USC. Good in pass for and catching the ball from the back field. Very solid RB, someone is going to steal. I hope they are Texans. Bring him home and reap rewards.

I am supplementing Ingram in RB with the signature of Mack and the signature of Jordan Wilkins from the scrap in FA. I want to sign RB Johnson of the Browns, but I think he’ll sign a contract with the Browns again. I’m looking for a position S in FA.

This model has 4 of my top 100 players. It corrects OL and gives a very high prospect of TE. It makes WR strong and gives you 2 guys in Edge / CB Beal and Woolen, which are 2 guys with more athletic skills than almost any player in their positions. All they have to do is develop them, and Woolen in particular should develop them quickly. It is a hassle-free operator. This Mock also gives Mills OL and players the skill position to really help with its development.


David Berry

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