Brains and Eggs: Thursday Wrangle from Far Left Texas, Part 2: Evan Smith collects

My only conversation with the demigod came shortly after the birth of his child in 2008, or perhaps in 2009. I don’t remember the details, but his phone call was about my criticism here. TextTrib‘At that time surveys (then and still used YouGov, but I can’t remember if the wizards at UT cooperated with him at that early stage or not. I could go look for a post in my archive or I could start tagging posts so I don’t have this problem, but … you know.)

The only thing I clearly remember was his brief answers, which sounded like teeth gnashing, and the strange banging of pots and pans in the background. It literally sounded like someone was throwing them around.

The tribe used to have a ticker blog on the front page and it was part of it. It eventually disappeared, as did any influence political blogs ever had. It wasn’t Smith’s fault. Damn it will happen.

As my tweets show, I won’t miss this guy. It’s not just a Texas version of Roger Ailes (minus £ 250 and the right bit), but also a confirmed duopoly. The establishment of a POV is no longer established. He took a lot of money for oil and gas to raise his child, as everyone in Deep-in-the-Heart thinks you have to get anywhere. Like many other New Democrats, it would probably suit him to elect Republicans if they simply did not lose their sense of collecting cotton wool. It’s been a tough year – a couple of tough years – for everyone, even the rich and obviously well-connected, and a two-year retirement plan is … well, what you have to do when you own a business. He’s not getting lost. He has too many pathologists to let them be.

Let me continue and blog about the major news; some state policy events that affect our lives.

More about this legal case, Miles versus Texas Central, here.

Here are some job and workforce updates.

And some media notes collected in recent days.

And calm down.

David Berry

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