Chris Del Conte called Booster last week and asked for money to buy Herman, confirming that he had an oral commitment from Urban Meyer.

Tom Herman responds to a report that identifies him as the tipper who set in motion the investigation in Ohio

Look, I’m not giving you my source. That source is a booster. So I understand that. You may not believe me, say I’m a troll, etc., but I promise you won’t. Del Conte called this particular booster 100%, asked for $ 1 million in help with the buyout, and told the booster that he had a verbal commitment from Urban to be Longhorn’s next head coach. Facts. And for the record, this booster said he would be willing to give $ 1 million.

Now personally I don’t want Urban in Burnt Orange. I’ve said it a million times, Urban to win Texas and the Championship would seem cheap to me. The beauty of winning the national championship after the drought lies in the long and difficult fight that was needed to return to the top. So buying Lodi will never suit me. Plus, Urban will never be “our” guy. We would be his sloppy third behind Florida and the state of Ohio. No, thanks.

Now, regarding this KD nugget that fell today, which caused a complete storm on Twitter:

He is right. There is a lot of tension in the Herman / CDC relationship. Which obviously stems from the CDC’s want to burn his ass and hire Urban. And really, there’s no way their relationship can come back. This is definitely a “we can’t put toothpaste back in the tube” situation. Except when you do one and only one thing – WIN.

And Herman has to admit that he won on Saturday. Don’t tell me it doesn’t look like a guy who knows it’s a loss other than to be canned:

Bottom line – one more loss and Herman is gone after the season. He knows. I know it. The CDC knows that. And you should know that too.

David Berry

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