The 49ers Super Bowl Champion motivates cowboys with serious sweets

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl defender Tom Rathman says the 49ers will be dominated by the Cowboys

His main reason for his bold statement? Rathman thinks the 49ers can easily take advantage of the Cowboys’ defenses. It is true that the Cowboys will have their hands full with guys like Deebo Samuel and Elijah Mitchell. And although the Cowboys’ defense leads the league in attacks and indecisive leadership in turns, their defenses run has fought.

Rathman added:

“I think they can use their defenses.” I know Dan Quinn is a really good coach and a great defensive coach and will have a game plan. I just think that with game design, all the different things, all the twists you have to prepare for when you play Kyle Shanahan, it can be a burden for you. You don’t know what to work on. It should be an exciting match and I know the 49ers will try. ”

Given the sour taste in his mouth from the last moment the Cowboys clashed with the 49ers in the playoffs, it’s no surprise that Rathman is excited about the match.

But this bold statement will also give the Cowboys even more ammo so they can go out and do the exact opposite of what Rathman thinks will happen. He will not train or play in the game this time, so he will have to find another way to fulfill his bold statement.

David Berry

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