LATEST NEWS: Houston Texans Fire head coach David Culley and offensive coordinator Tim Kelly

David Culley’s review by Nick Caseri seems to have been completed. For some reason, Texans needed more time to evaluate Culley’s job status, even though they had eighteen weeks to do so. This reality is useful for Caserio to call, research the head coach market, and probably mean a name or several names to which he will hand over the car keys.

So after a single season in the lead, David Culley has been fired as head coach for your Houston Texans.

Whether it is deserved or not is another matter. Culley’s Texans were objectively horrible in 2021, and Culley certainly overlooked his skis as head coach at various times, but we shouldn’t ignore how terrible the talent on the roster was. In other words, I don’t think many coaches can get more than four wins from this staff.

This means that this change was not unexpected. Culley was not fired for his record of victory and defeat. He was probably fired because the low bar of success this season in the minds of the people who run the organization has not been met.

While Culley’s expulsion was not a shock, Adam Schefter’s report that Culley’s five-year contract contained only two years of guaranteed money certainly did.

So instead of getting something around $ 12,000,000.00 to $ 14,000,000.00 for Culley’s services in Houston, he only gets another $ 4,000,000.00, according to Aaron Wilson.

Texans also fired offensive coordinator Tim Kelly:

And many former Patriots are said to be at the top of Houston’s head coaches: including Brian Flores, Jerodo Mayo and Josh McDaniels.

Maybe someone will fix me, but I don’t remember ever hearing of another NFL coaching contract that has such a structure. It also confirms what many Texas fans thought when Culley was hired less than a year ago – Culley was always little more than a placeholder, a morale booster, a good man who said the right things because the product in the field was hard to come by. . stomach.

When the Texans hired David Culley, they wanted a head coach with a brick wall, not head coach Xs and Os. That’s exactly what he got. Culley, his mouth filled with Double Bubble, loved his players, loved his job, and kept in a good mood. The players worked hard in a lost and stagnant season.

But Culley couldn’t make the easiest decisions in the game. For example, when to puncture, when to go in or when to kick goals. In the second week, he even refused a penalty so he could play against the Browns. The Texans’ offensive scheme was categorized in that Tim Kelly ran into heavy boxes, threw screens anywhere, and demanded despair to open. On the other hand, the defense of Lovie Smith Cover Two tried to adapt and eventually slowed down the enemy attacks to some extent.

David Culley loves nachos and horror movies. Losing the record aside, some Texas fans love David Culley. They will miss his smile, the way he grabs the player’s head and screams, his constant chewing gum, and his general behavior. It was clear that he did not have to be the head coach of the NFL. As Culley reminded us when he was hired, there are only 32 of these jobs, and he was lucky to have a chance to have one, even for a short time.

David Culley’s watch is over today. All the best, whether he continues his coaching career or retires.

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