The duo father-daughter forms a strong bond with silver

Every Saturday morning, they arrive early at a vineyard and craft market to build handmade silver jewelry with turquoise, opals and other stones. In preparation for the day, the duo’s father-daughter Kelly and Paul Murray of Murray’s Artisan Jewelry Creations occasionally pause and chat with other vendors or former customers. Visitors to their booth will soon notice a small card explaining the Murray’s pride in their handmade jewelry and their unique opportunity to work side by side.

The joint venture began five years ago when Paul realized he needed someone to manage his day-to-day communications. Kelly startled and a father-daughter team formed.

Considering their joint efforts five years later, Paul said, “How many fathers work with their daughters? It’s really fantastic! ”

Kelly said the market offers a unique opportunity to connect with customers looking for something beyond what can be found in a jewelry store.

“We love the market,” Kelly said. “

Kelly Murray

In studio
The range of silver pieces available on the market represents hours of work in a garage workshop. From design concept to hours of casting, beating and finishing, Paul focuses on the finer details of each piece during each step of the process.

“I say it without bragging.” I’m the best silversmith on the market and other people in the industry will tell you the same thing, “said Paul. “However, now that I’m older, age and shaking hands have made jewelry making a bigger challenge. It takes me longer to do the pieces. ”

Over the past year, Kelly has joined her father in creating her own jewelry designs and in addition to helping with day-to-day business details.

“My dad’s been asking me to make jewelry for a while,” she said. “I started last year because I wanted to honor my father. I took a course and then I realized I really liked it!”

Even though Kelly is a beginner, she said she feels confident in her craft because she has been following her father for so long. “If I have an idea and I think it will work, I’ll just go for it. If I get stuck, I’ll call my dad for advice, “she said.

“When you make something and it’s handmade, there’s every bit of your heart and soul in it,” Kelly said. “Our hearts are in everything we do, and it’s seen in the jewelry we sell.”

In addition to market sales, Murray is also expanding their online presence. Visit them at the market or online and buy their pieces or request your own design.

The wine and craft market, located in the gazebo on the square (325 S. Main Street), is open from Saturday to September 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Paul Murray

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