Solving problems with a high electricity bill in Texas

2) Your house has low insulation and air leaks

Heating and air conditioning are the highest energy costs for most homes in Texas and often account for more than 50% of consumption in households and businesses. However, heating and cooling costs can be even higher under the following three conditions:

  • Your property uses old and inefficient HVAC equipment.
  • Your thermostat uses extreme settings: the lowest possible temperature in summer and the highest possible temperature in winter.
  • The envelope of your building suffers from low insulation, excessive air leakage, or both.

In the first two cases, the reason for the high energy bills can be easily identified, as it is sufficient to check the equipment labels and thermostat settings. However, insulation and air leakage problems are more difficult to find and your heating and cooling costs can remain high even after the equipment has been upgraded.

Low insulation and air leakage waste energy all year round. During the summer, your air conditioner works harder to compensate for excess heat entering your property. In winter, on the contrary, your property loses too much heat and the heating system consumes additional energy to keep up.

The most reliable solution for detecting low insulation and air leakage is to obtain an energy audit. However, if your energy costs remain high with efficient HVAC units and smart thermostats, these problems are likely. Energy consultants can detect air leaks using a blower door test, while thermal imaging cameras can detect poorly insulated areas.

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