Matadors> Cowboys, Tech Destroy Oklahoma State 78-57

Texas Tech Basketball is officially one of the hottest teams in the country. The tech, who is still lower than the top scorer, defeated his opponent from Big 12 78:57 and the game was never tight.

Our guys are here with more reactions after a great win from Tech!

Kendall Phipps: Another day, another technical win. This time, the Cowboys fell victim to a widespread offensive attack and other dominant defensive performance. Get ready Fans of technology, Red Raiders are cooking something.

This is my favorite team since 2018 (yes, I liked it more than the last four team, sue me.) The rest of this season is going to be magical. Let’s go, ladies and gentlemen, let’s go.

Jack Bell: Another impressive victory for the Texas Tech, who are riding a wave that is similar in dynamics to the end of the 2019 season. this was all without TJ Shannon. I think this team is noting the conference. That’s fun, isn’t it?

Michael Macon: Easy to go tonight, which was a good thing. You should beat the wrong teams a lot, I can’t imagine being the team that shook the OSU, that would suck. It was all about Obanor, Arms and MSS. They were great tonight, and if this trio comes together, everyone should be careful.

Chris Salazar: What an offensive performance of this team! The last few games have been just a defensive attack, but today we’ve shown that we have guys who can hit when we need a bucket.

Even though the Big 12 race is close, it was nice to see such a comfortable victory. In the example, I said that the spread -7.5 was good!

Tech is back in the game with the Wildcats in Manhattan. What a start to the season, and it’s just beginning.

David Berry

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