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I’m different from most others because I don’t appreciate the idea of ​​”competing for work”. I look at it as someone who is very good at testing, but you don’t know if he can really apply that knowledge.

Let’s say we bring in another vet with a one-year contract and they “beat” Mills for the initial job. How does this help us? We know that the vet won’t take us far, and now we’re back on the QB carousel with a guy who’s only been here for one year and gets his first team replay. In the meantime, any growth you may have from Mills will slow down.

I say, make Mills a starter from day one to give him confidence and create stability in the QB position. Suggest some weapons or protection, and if we have a No. 3 position, I’d rather be exchanged for more tips to see what he can do with a better team.

If it works great, you’ve found the diamond in its rough state, and Caserio will automatically become the best GM Texans had, it’s not a high bar, and at 23 we can focus on defense. If they don’t, you will most likely be in a position to draft a QB in a hopefully stronger class.

Either way, inviting a vet to apply for a job won’t really help us, invite a vet who knows he’s there to support and teach Mills as their primary job.

David Berry

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