Brains and Eggs: Thursday Morning Quarrel from Distant Texas, Part 1: COVID, Primary Skirmishes

Today we open with the latest information about the pandemic.

If you want to come back about a week ago …

Very bad and getting worse. I hope you’re not one of those who “puts it in Gawd’s hands,” but if so, have an ambulance take you to church instead of the hospital, because there are no beds in the ICU.

Like DMN Bob Garrett he noted, Canyon was helpful in obtaining the prosecutor. Tony Tinderholt elected and was a background player in the former Congo. Joe Bartonsexting scandal.

That could be my transition to political news.

The tweet trailer is lazy and lame, but the story is alive. Here:

“Beto O’Rourke is dangerous to the community and the safety of the public and the people of this state and is not fit to serve as governor,” Abbott said.

The governor accused O’Rourke of supporting the defundation of police movements and attacking him for his stance on bail reform.

“Governor Abbott is lying about this,” O’Rourke said. “I don’t want to retaliate against the police. I want to make sure that law enforcement authorities have the resources they need to deal with and investigate violent crime.”


“As long as there is no frost “Abbott should be in good shape from now until the end of March,” Jones said.

Dr. Jones He can be good at political analysis if he wants to.

This is a Republican news source for those of you you don’t know, so if you click on the link for schadenfreude, be sure and immediately scratch the cookies from your browser.

Drag the dollar bill to the governor’s seat and expect a whore in a wheelchair to come to you.

This is not politics.

That’s enough hell on wheels for one post.

Senator Cornhole he wants to be the next leader of the majority, if so Trump‘s play it blow out Moscow Mitch will succeed. He will have to fight South Dakota John Thune for a title that looked like he was ready to leave the Senate for a minute.

I’ll take this as a sequel to send some updates on the Texas Democrats.

This is both annoying and unfortunate Beckley. Wu specifically, he is a devotee of shitlib – he still tweets Hillary Clinton – But Howard and Martinez they are personally disappointing.

I’m disappointed in that too Jessica Cisneros.

I dont know if Benavides is as or less or more progressive than Cisneros. This foundation of the centrist he tweeted a smudge against Jessica for a move, so that’s it.

I’m green, though Suh, Zapata, Reynosa, a Israel there are Democrats I could vote for if I lived in their jurisdictions (and if I voted in March). I’m not as antagonistic as some #DemExiteers are trying to reform the donkey side from within. I’m over it; maybe they’ll get there too.

More in the next.

David Berry

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