Cowboys Vs. 49ers: 3 daring predictions for Sunday’s wild card match

The football playoffs are almost here. A good match awaits us in Dallas this weekend, as the Cowboys and the 49ers will compete in a wild card round.

Before the opponents compete, here are three bold predictions for Sunday’s match.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams

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1) Deebo Samuel makes trouble defending the Cowboys, twice finding the end zone

Containing Deebo Samuel should be Dallas’s number one priority in this game. The 25-year-old hybrid receiver / running back has become quite a player and is by far the largest weapon San Francisco has to offer on the offensive side of the ball.

Our own Tony Catalina named Samuel as the X-Factor 49ers in Sunday’s game. Here’s what he said about Samuel.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a football player. Deebo Samuel can do it all and the 49ers use it like that. Whether it’s his traditional role as a wide receiver, or in the back of the throwing hand, this attack goes just like Samuel. He is a dynamic and domestic threat every time he touches football, he is also one of the toughest players in the league. The cowboys will have their hands full when they are on the field.

How well the Cowboys containing Samuel will have a big impact on how this game will go. There are, of course, other weapons available to the 49ers, but Samuel feels the heart and soul of this crime and wants to feed on it to gain a spark and keep him in it. The Cowboys’ defense should be ready to go all day, as Samuel will try to pick up the Cowboys. Super Bowl chances before they even start.

In the last eight games of the season, the former second round picked up 28 passes for 523 yards and passed the ball 53 times for a total of 343 yards. Samuel’s 18.68 Y / R and 6.47 Y / A on Earth show how big a threat he really is.

If the 49ers want to get a chance in this game, they need Samuel to have a great day. The versatile weapon will cause Cowboys problems throughout the day, record more than 100 yards from scrimmage and twice find the end zone.

Dallas Cowboys football team against Washington

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2) Amari Cooper played his best match of the season, scoring over 125 yards and scoring two touchdowns

If the Cowboys want to make a name for themselves after the season, they urgently need Amari Cooper to be a big part of their attack. Cooper has done quite well in the last three games of the regular season, catching 15 passes for 182 yards and scoring two touchdowns, but Dallas has to find ways to get Cooper to the ball even more.

Getting a four-time professional Bowler ball was something the Cowboys struggled with all season. Eight times this year, Cooper caught three or fewer passes in the game and only beat 100 yards twice. His last 100-yard performance came against Minnesota in week 8.

We’ve seen Dak Prescott and the Dallas Offensive work together to engage Cooper over the past few weeks, and it pays off on Sunday against the 49ers. The San Francisco secondary team is by far the weakest unit in their defense and have given up 54 explosive passes this season through Sharp Football Stats.

Cooper and the Cowboys take advantage of the lack of talent in the 49ers’ secondary and this will lead to a big offensive day. Cooper crossed 100 reception yards for the first time since October and found the end zone twice.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys

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3) Greg Zuerlein gets his redemption by turning the winning goal off the field.

Greg Zuerlein’s problems were a big topic of conversation this week. The 34-year-old footballer missed six field goals and six extra points this season, including a major mistake two weeks ago against the Cardinals.

Despite Zuerlein’s problems, Mike McCarthy and John Fassel reaffirmed their faith in the veteran this week.

For the veteran, it was a season full of ups and downs, but Sunday’s match will bring his biggest moment. The former All-Pro will experience its greatest moment as a cowboy, kicking a winning goal from the field as soon as the time is up to move Dallas to the division round.

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